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Could I have Chron's disease?

  Hi  I am a 32 year old female and for the last 3 years or so I have had
  problems with chronic diarreah and loose stools  no blood that I have seen
  but lots of mucus and sometimes what looks like flesh or skin. sorry that sound
  kind of gross.  All my life and especially recently I have had lots of canker sores
  in my mouth and in my throat.  Last week I was hospitalized with constant vomiting
  of bile and major pain in my stomach just below my ribs and all through my abdomen.
  The vomiting started after a painful bowel movement where I was having serious cramping
  and sweating and pain in my chest area, then I got nauseated and started vomiting bile
  so frequently I was hospitalized overnight.  They were not able to determine what was
  wrong but they asked if intestinal disease runs in my family.  I am adopted but I know
  that my natural sister has ulcerative colitis.  I did some research and found that colitis
  and chron's can be related and if one family member has one disease then chances are high
  that another family member can have one or the other as well.  I read that chron's can affect
  the entire digestive tract and the symptoms seem to follow mine all except for weight loss.
  Can you tell me if this sounds remotely like chron's or something else that I should have
  checked out?  I also have degenerative arthritis in my spine which started to occur right around
  the time of the bowel problems.  thanks for your help
Dear Maggie,
Chronic diarrhea and mouth sores can certainly be associated with Crohn's disease. A family history of inflammatory bowel disease is also common in this disorder. The tests that could help make this diagnosis are a colonoscopy (tube with a light and video camera advanced through the large intestine and sometimes the last portion of the small intestine) with biopsies and an upper GI series with small bowel follow through. Characteristic features are present on biopsy specimens that can best confirm the diagnosis of Crohn's disease. Good luck to you.
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