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Could the herb Milk Thistle contribute to elevated liver enzymes?

I recently had blood tests run for and insurance policy and was red flagged for 2 "Elevated" Liver Enzyme readings: Akaline Phosphatase (154) and GGTP (77)  all other levels were normal.

I have taken Milk Thistle supplements for several years to boost liver function.  I'd like to know if you feel this could have elevated these liver enzymes?

Thank you for your consideration.

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Linda, I am wondering about the milk thistle also. I had elevated enzymes before taking it, but I just had mine tested again and they have gone up more. My understanding was milk thistle helped to heal the liver some and I was surprised at the results.
I suppose it could depend on the person. I dont know.
Sure wish I did.
Sorry I couldnt be of any help.
Lyn in Ark
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My family member was diagnosed with HCV (hep-C) 6 years ago after elevated liver enzymes were found while being tested for an insurance application.  Started taking milk thistle 4 years ago.
Liver enzymes have gone down.  The milk thistle is the only
thing that controls the nausea and vomiting.  It also helps to
control inflammation of the liver.  For more info on milk thistle
check out LiverSupport.com.  Be aware that there is a difference
in the effectiveness depending on the brand you buy.  We have
found that the cheaper brands do not control the nausea and pain
as well as the better brands.  My family member also developed
severe joint pain in the elbows on the first two brands we tried.
I could find no information on that as related to milk thistle,
and all info I've read claims there are no side effects.  But
when the milk thistle was stopped the pain went away.  Of course,
then the nausea and liver pain came back.  We switched to the
Maximum Milk Thistle, recommended by the LiverSupport.com site,
and the joint pain went away.  We are sure it was the Milk Thistle that caused the pain as it was stopped and started a
number of times with the same results every time, and there were
no other changes in meds or supplements to account for the pain.
Maximum Milk Thistle is sold by Natural Wellness. Their phone #
is 1-800-364-5722.  If you have not seen a doctor for testing
to determine the possible causes of elevated enzymes, do so as
soon as possible!  If you are overweight and carry your weight
in the upper body, you could have fatty liver, which can be as
damaging as alcoholism is to the liver, and can lead to cirrhosis.  Fatty liver can cause elevated liver enzymes.  See a
doctor for blood tests.  If the blood tests don't provide any
answer about the cause, the doctor will have you get a liver
"biopsy".  It is not just a cancer test, it tells other things
about your liver also.
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