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Could this be more than IBS?

  In Sep. I went to my doctor complaining of stomach pains (in no particular area).  He sent me to a gastro. who found blood in my stool so he performed a colonoscopy/upper endoscopy.  He found inflammation in my ileum.  He has diagnosed me with IBS.  I was under the impression that inflammation and blood in the stool (which went away for a while and now is back) were NOT symptoms of IBS.  My biopsies were "ok" my doc says...he thought they might be Chron's and  called in a pathologist to look at them, but he says that they are not.  Recently I have been experincing diarhrrea with mucus and blood (in the mucus) for about three days.  How can I get my doctor to take my concerns seriously and stop shoving this diagnosis of IBS on me.  Also , I have joint aches (esp. when my stomach hurts) which he thinks is nothing!  Help!
Dear KMF,
The presence of blod in the stool and mucosal inflammation o fthe ileum would argue against a diagnosis of IBS.  It is relevant to emphasize that it may be difficult to diagnose Crohn's disease and often a pattern of findings is needed before one can confidently diagnose Crohn's disease.  Therapy of Crohn's disease depends on the degree and nture of symptoms.
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