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Could this by just Hypoglycemia or just a sympton for other?

I am a 33 year old female who has been up to 3 months ago very active and full of energy. After being bit by a dog we couldn't find, I had to have the rabies shots.

Soon after that, I started feeling some cool sensations on my legs' muscles, mainly thigh on rigth leg and calf on left. Now these same muscles sometimes hurt. At the same time I started feeling some dull pains (not severe) on the upper right part of my stomach, they come and go and they seem to appear now after I eat. I also started feeling very weak, it is a strange sensation all over my body that tells me I can't move at all.
Lately, I have developed mild nausea and I feel my throat is closing on me and my headaches are becoming more frequent.

This weakness episodes started maybe once a week now they are everyday. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia just 3 days ago, but before, the doctor had told me to change my diet and eat light high protein food and avoid sugars and to eat every 3 hrs. Before, my weakness used to go away after I ate, now it gets worse. I was so weak yesterday I went to the hospital where they did a CAT Scan and it was negative, they also checked for my levels of calcium, magnesium and phosphate which came normal. My blood tests have been normal and a previews visit to the Neurologist said there was nothing wrong with my nerves. (He just tested different movements and to see if I had numbness and tingling.  

However, I still feel the pain, in my legs mainly,and I get chills that run down my right side. I am getting weaker and it scares me that they can't find anything. (I have been to the hospital twice with this and my blood count, RBC and WBC are normal as well as my creatine,BUN, Carbon Dioxice, Chloride, Potassium, Sodium and Glucose.
I am getting extremely nervous about this, I can't no longer function the way I used to and no one seems to be able to help.

My doctor thinks it's stress and I don't feel he took me serious for 3 months until now. He said he will now send me to an endocrinologist and to take an ultrasound of my gullbladder. The other doctors I talked to at the hospital say that my symptons are not associated with anything they know and can't give me an explanation.

Could this be due to stress? Do you have any ideas that can help me? Is it possible that this is a reaction to the rabies vaccine? Can you catch deseases from animals besides rabies? Our cat died 2 months ago and they couldn't find the cause.  

I am sorry this is so long but I feel I needed to tell all this for you to get a clear idea.

Thanks for your help!
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Dear Ileana,
Thank you for your posting.  I am aware of the difficulties of the rabies shots.  With regard to your symptoms, I am afraid that I can not be of much help.  The symptoms that you describe are not suggestive of a gastrointestinal disease.  Even if you had gall stones at ultrasound, I doubt that the gall bladder is the cause for your problem.    

Sometimes, patienys with multisystem problems have endocrine or collagen vascular diseases.  You should ask your doctor whether an evaluation by a rheumatologist would be helpful in making a diagnosis.

Best of luck
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does anyone have an answer for this?
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Wow...I have some of the same symptoms and have been baffeled for 6 months now.  Your nausea, stomach pain would seem to indicate maybe an ulcer.  Pancreatitis can also be the cause of the pain.  I had the same muscle symptoms...mine started in my left pec and has gone up my neck, jaw and behind my eye...all on my left side...I have numbness on my left arm and leg.  I have constant headaches.  I think an endocr. will be able to help you.  I am having trouble having a dr take me seriously...they just want to give me some pills and send me on my way.  Anyway if I learn anything I will write again.  Good luck
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Has any one suggested multiple sclerosis? Sometimes MRI's can detect lesions in the brain and or spinal cord. You have symptoms of this neurological disease, I too have it and it developed after a series of rabies shots (vaccine I needed due to my job in a vet hospital) Do you have visual problems, poor bladder control or urgency with urination, pins and needle sensation, cold-hot temp loss or confusion between the two temps? These are just some of the more common symptoms related to ms but the symptoms you mentioned including pain can indicate ms as well as lupus and limes disease. Good luck to you!
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STRESS triggers symptoms of ms too
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I'm a 28 yr old female with relatively good health.  After reading all of these comments, I am thanking God I found someone else going through what I am.  The same type of wierd symptoms started about four months ago.  I started feeling weak, nauseous, disconnected, and mild to moderate headaches after I ate, especially in the afternoon.  The symptoms usually lasted about 2-3 hours and then subsided.  My FP/GP suggested hypoglycemia...my blood sugar did drop a few times, but after many days of monitoring my sugars, no hypoglycemia.  I ruled out hypoglycemia because I usually felt fine if I didn't eat.  Decided to change doctors (went to internist) and he did CBC and some other blood tests (normal).  Told me to come back in 3 weeks after monitoring heart rate and blood pressure when symptomatic.  A week later, my right arm, leg below the knee including my foot would go numb for no reason.  This contiued on and off for about a week.  Was referred to neurologist, but at time of exam, no numbing.  No numbing since either.  He said this did not "suggest" (did not rule out) Multiple Sclerosis.  Did suggest abdominal migranes or food allergies.  Symptoms have continued without numbing ever since.  Some days are better than others.  Although insisting that I am completely happy, my internist thinks I'm depressed and gave me an SSRI. Anyone have any suggestions?  To add to this self pity party, I have abnormal uterine bleeding for about the same time all this has been going on.  Gyno has me on new hormones.
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