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Diarrhea, gallbladder sludge, diverticulitus, parasites....I'm confused

My husband began having frequent diarrhea nearly a year ago.  He also has lots of very foul smelling gas.  The stool is also foul smelling and floats.  The problem has gotten worse in the last four months.  The diarrhea occurs several times daily, and he's lost almost 35 pounds.

When he finally saw a doctor, the doctor thought he had diverticulitus (he also did blood tests to rule out cancer).  He prescribed an antibiotic and ordered a lower GI.  The lower GI came back normal.  He stopped the antibiotic and prescribed Lomotil which did absolutely nothing. The last round of tests included blood tests for liver functions, an upper GI, ultrasound and stool sample for parasite testing.

His blood tests for liver function came back "not normal" (sorry, I don't have any more information right now - I wasn't at the appointment).  The upper GI was normal.  The ultrasound showed sludge in the gallbladder.  The stool sample came back negative.

Now, the doctor is saying that the sludge in the gallbladder is affecting the liver which is causing the diarrhea. He wants my husband to have his gallbladder removed. I'm sorry, but that simply doesn't make sense to me.  I read lots and lots about diarrhea AFTER gallbladder removal, but haven't found anything about it causing diarrhea.

Does anyone have any insight or a source I can consult to get information?
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Hello.  I just read your post about large foul smelling stools that float, diarhea etc.  This sounds like a classic sign of malabsorption.  You need to see a gastroenterologist for tests - fecal fat, d-xylose, lactose intoloerance and a biopsy of your small intestines via upper endoscopy.  Are you anemic as well??  The malabsorption causes you to not absorb the food, calories or nutrients of the foods you do eat.  You should be on Pancreatic enzymes before each meal.  Please find a "GOOD GASTROENTEROLOGIST" who will test you for malabsorption.  Good luck.

I have the malabsorption and lactose intolerance.  Recently found out I have a contracted gallbladder with alot of sludge in it. The nuclear scan showed a fraction % of 35 which is considered normal - normal is 35 or more - a year ago I was 70, so I guess in a few months it will probably go below 35 but until then, I can't have the gallbladder taken out.  I suffer severe upper right abdominal pains.  I am going for an Endoscopic Utlrasound in the next few weeks, we will see what that shows.
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