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Diet for Pancreatis

Someone very near and dear to me has pancreatis. What kind of diet is required???

Thank You,

Cindy R
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The diet necessary for pancreatitis is simply a strict low-fat diet.  No oils used in cooking, no red meats due to their high fat content, no alcohol, avoid refined sugars, white flour and white rice, no fried foods.  Use no or low fat substitutes for any dairy products, egg beaters for eggs (no yolks), no nuts.  Fish, chicken and turkey can be baked, grilled, boiled or sauted, using small quantities of Pam or a similar spray.  All vegetables are fine, the more the merrier, also fruits, potatos, pasta, spaghetti sauce, breads.  

Doctors usually recommend no more than 20 grams of fat daily.  It's best to eat several smaller meals and snacks than one large meal with a lot of fat content at one time to avoid the after-meal pain common with pancreatitis.  

If you scroll down this page to the comments sent in to the PANCREATITIS AND SOD poster, which was earlier this week, you will see sample daily food intakes posted by me (Nanny) and Tazlady, we both have chronic pancreatitis and are on the same diet restrictions.

The key is to read the nutrition label on all the food products you buy.  Consider that you will be combining several products together to make a meal, so choose those with the lower fat contents.  It is possible to eat well and eat a lot with this diet, yet you have to learn what foods to avoid.  I hope this is of some help for your friend.
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I agree with Nanny on the diet.  Except that I do include dairy products in my diet. And some red meats.  On OCASSION, I will eat some 4% hamburger, but not often.  I also have found that a small portion of filet mignion is not that bad.  But I do not have it that often.  When I say not that bad, it means that I still have pain with it, but I am too young to totally give up on the foods I love in life.  I know that some foods that are bad for me, I should not have, but when I eat them, it is not often and I deal with the pain. I eat no fat ice cream, drink fat free milk, use 2% cheeses.  Of course, I can make sure of all these things becasue I eat at home alot. Most of what I eat is fat free or low fat. And moderation is the key.  I stop eating when I get the first sign that I might be getting full.  There is a lot of bloating that goes with pancreatitis.  And it gets worse after eating large meals.  6 small meals a day is better.  Scroll down as Nanny told you and we both posted several good ideas for diet when you have pancreatitis.
Good luck to your friend.
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I have high tricliderydes (sp) that has caused me to have pancreatis - I want to get pregnant and was wondering if anyone has had this problem?  If so, how was the pregnancy?
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