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ERCP coming up

Hello everyone.  My ercp procedure is coming up on Friday.  I was think of chickening out, then yesterday I decided to eat a lamb patty and I was washing my hands and thought something was on them.  They were yellow. Then they became so itchy!!!  I only got a little pain with this incident, but it sure reminded me that I really need to look into this further.  I sure hope they find what is wrong.  This has been going on for over a year now, with my gallbladder removal not helping the situation at all. I've been doing good since I've been eating a limited amount of fat.  Oh, and alcohol definatley triggers an attack.  I had one drink the other night for the first time in a while.  oh, my question, does one get put on antibiotics with ercp?
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I have not had that procedure, but I may also have to have it done.  I had gallbladder removed 6 months ago, and still have pain.  I have read about the ERCP, hopefully you have someone doing it who is experienced.  Don't be afraid to ask, I asked my surgeon how many gallbladders he had removed and he did not mind my asking.

I did have an EGD done, which was not bad at all.  I did not remember the procedure, next thing I know I woke up and they said they were finished.

Please let us know how you did.  If you don't mind, I'll be praying for you on Friday.
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I had an ERCP without antibiotics.  This where where they inject dye into your bile duct to see if there is blockage. I did have a lot of pain following, because my sphincter was too tight. It caused me to have an attack. This is fairly safe. I also had an ERCP with/menometry done. I did have antibiotics with this. This is the more risky of the two. This one measures the pressure in the duct. I had so much pain with the first procedure. They did this one to rule out SOD. No pain with this one, but I did have SOD. I was admitted to the hospital the next morning with pancreatitis. Don't cancel - I am now pain free and wouldn't be if I had canceled.Just be remember. If it comes back normal like my first ERCP - That doesn't mean nothing is wrong. My ERCP with menometry showed a bile duct pressure of 90%  Which didn't show on the more simple ERCP
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If alcohol triggers and attack I'm not sure you already don't have pancreatitis.  There is about a 20% chance that you will develop pancreatitis after the procedure.  Just make sure that your doctor performing the ERCP has had LOTS of experience doing this.  Mine had done a couple thousand and I still ended up with Pancreatitis.  I was in the hospital for 3 days and out of work a month.  You might want to have your doctor check your levels in your blood to rule out pancreatitis BEFORE he does the procedure.  Just a suggestion.  Take care and best of luck to you.
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Good luck with your ERCP on Friday.  I hope they find the cause of what is bothering you, though it really does sound like pancreatitis, if what you said in regard to my earlier post to seashoretracks is true about the symptoms being like yours.

One word of advice, and please don't take offense, I'm only trying to help.  A low fat diet is paramount with this disease, and lamb is definitely one of the no-no's.  A pattie is usually about 17 grams of fat, and that is more than the pancreas can handle comfortably if it's damaged!

Let us know how the procedure went, and what was discovered if you can.  Take good care.
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thank you all for your words of advice and prayers too.  I will write again on Friday hopefully.  All my blood has come back normal, but regardless, my doctor says there is no other choice but to do this as these attacks just won't quit.  Again today, I ate a couple chips and I felt just horrible.  If this is in fact pancreatitis like a couple of you suggest, will they see this?? And I take it the medicine is to just eat a low fat diet forever?  Ouch!  I just love fat, nuts, etc.!!!!!
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ERCP will not show Pancreatitis. It will only show swelling or obstruction in the bile duct. Blood work and X rays show pancreatits. My blood work always came back normal for it. I got pancreatitis after the ERCP w/ menometry. It was then after feeling what pancreatitis feels like. Did I and my DR realize I had been having pancreatic attacks all along. Turned out for me it was sphincter of oddi dysfunction that was causing it.
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