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Elevated GGT History of Hodgkins Disease

I was having some pain in my right elbow and slight swelling.  I thought this was a result of my exercise program but having had hodgkins disease I decided to go to the walk in clinic. All test results were normal ( except my GGT which was 159.  It was suggested that I see my doctor.  I went a few weeks later and my GGT is now 260 and my ALT is slightly elevated.  I have had a full body ct scan - normal - my doctor wants to wait 3 months and do more blood work then.  I'm not real sure how comfortable I am with waiting that long.  Are they any other tests I should do/ask for or should I seek a second opinon ??


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Don, I am having similar problems and I am waiting to go to Duke in January.  It could be something minor but it certainly could be serious and i suggest you get a second oppinion.  In fact most doctors like for you to get a second oppinion.  From my research an increase in ggtp often points to bile duct obstructions.  Good luck
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