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Enlarged liver.

How long does it take for an enlarged liver to go back to normal? Weeks?  Months? Years?

I have had an enlarged liver for over a month now and am concerned that it does not diminish.  I suspect it is an enlarged liver.  

I have been a binge drinker (of alcohol).  I have been having a swollen abdomen since the last time I did drink.  I don't drink anymore.  It's been over a month I had any alcohol at all.  I have had problems on occasion eating divers foods.  I usually eat light, ie. non-greasy, cooked (not grilled or baked) foods.  Still my abdomen feels swallen, and on occasion I feel pain after eating.  I drink a lot of water.  I have good appetite, and my stool, altough not as normal as it used to be because somewhat clayish, is not off-color.  It is brown. And my urine is light yellow.  

I do feel tired though most of the time. I go to bed early and when I wake up I still feel not rested.  

I am concerned that I may develop some kind of liver disease or jaundice.

If I have some early signs of cirrhosis, does early cirrhosis stop if one stops drinking alcohol like I did, or does it expand/grow with time?  Does anybody identify with my condition and has any answers for me?  Thnk you.

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