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Excess Air in Body Cavity

For the last few months I've been dealing with a very misurable condition that no one seems to understand. My heart rate is elivated, I can bairly sleep at night, and my chest pounds. I feel like there is air in parts of my body that shouldn't be there. It seems to move from my abdomen, chest, head, and left arm mostly. I've been perscribed oxycodone for a car accident a few years back which injured by back. A side effect of which includes constipation which I believe led to my results. I don't know for sure but about 2 months ago I felt a very sharp pain in some part of my intestines or colon. I think a gas build up somehow popped which leaked air into my body. Its very strange, I can literially see the area over my abdomen rise up and receed with my heart beat. The worst is when it enters my head area & puts pressure behind my left ear which also makes me dizzy. Lately I feel it in my left arm and when this happens it seems very very weak from the pressure and I can bairly hold anything with it. I've thought about poking a hole somewhere just to releave the pressure but I don't have the nerve. Recently I went to the hospital where they took xrays of my chest but didnt see anything. If anyone has ever heard of this or has advice I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
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