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Excessive belching and cough

  I'm having this condition that doctors, even gastroenetrologists,
  could not diagnose. I belch 60-70 times a day, a lot of
  air every time. Along with the air, sometimes stomach contents
  is brought up into my mouth giving me a permanent sensation
  of dry, non-lubricated mouth. If I try not to belch, pressure is
  acumulating and soon I fell pain in the abdominal area, pain
  that radiates in the neck. I also cough a lot after meals, not a
  dry cough, but one that clears out a lot of mucus from
  my throat. All these symptoms appeared suddenly, within
  3 days, one year ago, when I was taking a naturist
  treatment against intestinal parasites. Before that moment,
  I used to belch less than once a day and only after huge meals.
  A doctor suggested that my belching is only air that I swallow.
  Even if I would eat only air, I could not belch that much.
  I do not do anythyng different from what I used to do before
  getting this disease. Same food, same habits, same life.
  Endoscopy was OK and so was Barium swallow. Please help!
Dear Max,
People who repeatedly belch (eructate) can be shown to aspirate air into the esophagus with each belch. This is termed aerophagia. Most of this air is noisily regurgitated and never actually enters the stomach. Patients under emotional stress, or who have thoracic or abdominal discomfort from any cause may complain of frequent, seemingly involuntary belching. If significant amounts of the swallowed air enter the stomach and intestines, increased discomfort occurs with the development of a vicious cycle. This is usually a functional, benign disorder.
A variety of maneuvers have been recommended to try and alleviate this problem with variable results. Chewing rather than gulping food, eating and drinking slowly, avoidance of chewing gum and clenching a pencil between the teeth have all been tried. Most massive air swallowers are chronic eructators who usually improve if they can control the urge to eructate. I hope you find this information helpful.
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