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Farting in stereo (PLEASE HELP)

I am a 33 year old male,I dont know the name of the surgery I had in Feb of 2001, I had an infected abcess lanced,It was so bad after about 3 to 4 days I could no longer walk, went to emergency room and they thought I might have fistulas, It was the size of a golf ball about 3/4 of an inch from my anus. My Doctor spent a total of about 15 minutes with me.pre-op and post-op. Spent 4 days in hospital just for antibiodics, I was never really told what he saw. I felt much better after surgery, went to a follow up 2 weeks later and spent about 5 minutes in his office and he said that it looked normal and he would not need to see me again. The problem is that when I fart(pass gas) I have second external hole that it comes through, also I am still bleeding and getting pus occaisionally out of that second hole, How long should it take to heal and should I have had more than one follow up visit.I feel like it is getting worse, Does anyone have some advice for me, I have an appointment on monday, has anyone experienced this stereo sensation(if I dont joke about it I start freaking out) thank you for reading my problem.
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yes i have had three fistulas repaired and i can tell you that a second opion  is in order you shoud not have gas or anything else comming from a second hole it is clearly not healing the blood and pus should have subsided by now .if you are seeing the same doctor and he tells you this is normal i would seek the advice of another doctor asap.good luck
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Thanks for the response, did you have a second hole, I am getting my medical records from my primary Dr. & The surgeon who did the surgery. I feel like they raped my insurance to the tune of 12,000$$$$. He never said anything about what might happen after post-operation, I can't even tell you what kind of operation I had. Should I have returned to work 3 day's after the surgery,My job require's me to lift, push & pull and to be on my feet 9 hours of the day. I think I should have had more time to heal, So I ended up quiting my job so I could at least heal. I also work in a dirty and toxic enviroment. How much time did you get off of work. My Mother is an Attorney and she said I should get a mal-practice lawyer to see if I was treated properly.Since than I no longer have insurance, couldn't afford monthly bills got behind & still am not caught up.It took about 2 months to stop bleeding & draining, but than it seems to be acting up again and I can not afford surgery plus taking off work again, do you have any remedies or ideas, I really appreciate your time and advise since you have been down this road. Thanks alot....
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I also had a abscess that had to be surgically drained in November 2000. It was large and pretty deep, and I only stayed overnight. I had to have a drain where the abscess was for like a week after the surgery. I healed great from that and she was able to dismiss me pretty quickly. I then developed a fistula which is a fairly common complication from abscesses. The symptoms you described, especially the drainage, are the symptoms that I had. I was operated on in June and then again in September because of problems healing, but my surgeon feels like this time it will be ok. What gets me is the fact they gave you no post-op instructions. When I left the hospital, the nurse told me what to do, and when I had my first follow-up, my surgeon reinforced what they said. One of the big things they told me to do was sitz baths or soaking in warm water. It helps the healing process. My hospital sent me home with the sitz bath, which I put on the comode seat, and had a bag that hung above it like an IV that had hot water in it so I was constantly soaking in the warm water. Medhelp also has a forum at www.medhelp.com under family practice that has a doctor that monitors it. Rectal problems is one of the areas it covers. You might try that forum. Hope this helps.
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