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Fatty changes in liver

  I am 38 and have been told i have fatty changes in my liver . This was after a ct scan for stomach related probs. I have had a gallbladder removal, three+
  years ago and have had ibs also. I am so worried about this fatty liver. I get pain in my upper right under my ribs some times. It goes away usually if i take antacids. I am also on pepcid for reflux.
  I had a follow up ct scan two years after the first diagnosis of the fatty liver and there was no change. I have been too scared to ask for another scan because I think i will be worse. I do not drink or smoke. I am some over weight like I am 5'7" 137 lbs but have alot of middle fat.
  I had ten pound babies and it seemed to leave the fat in this area, other wise I am not fat any other place. I wonder what caused this fatty thing and what can I do to help it? I also have high cholesteral it was 289 I have it down to 239 but need to get it down further.
  I am the on on the colestid who posted on that too. I cannot eat things like lettuce or i geT reflux and vomiting so it is hard for me to diet. I am so sick of eating blan stuff but it kills me to eat other things and alot of the creamed blan stuff is fattening.
  What am I to expect with this fatty liver thing? Thank you, I am worried! LAurie
Dear Laurie,
fatty liver can be due to several cuases including obesity, diabetes mellitus, high triglycerides, ALCOHOL and some medications.  Fatty liver is usually not progressive and does not cause serious illness.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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