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Feeling of lump in throat

  I've been reading and educating myself on esophagal irritations. For 4 solid months I have felt a sensation of something stuck in my throat. It does not cause me breathing problems and I know that nothing is there. It acts up/worsens when there is pressure on my chest or abdomen.   Is this a health risk?  What might cause this? Should I ask my Dr. for a specific test?  Will this possibly come and go all my life?  Thank you so much!
dear Jk, the symptoms that you describe are probably not serious assuming that you do not have any of the alarm symptoms ( weight loss, vomiting).  The differential diagnosis includes !0 abnormal perception of normal physiologic function, 2) esophageal spasm and 3) esophageal reflux.
If you want a single specific test, consider a cineesophagram, a movie of esophageal function.  Therapy ill depend on the characterization of the specific cause.
This information is presented for educatioanl purposes.  Always ask specificmedical questions to your personal physician.
*keywords: esophageal soasm

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