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Finally some relief from abdominal pain...

Some of you may remember my posts about my wife having attacks of extremely bad upper abdominal pain that didn't get any better after gall bladder removal. Until a few months ago, nothing seemed to affect the pain. It just came and went, though it seemed to happen more frequently around 4-7 am. She has had every test you can think of and nothing shows the source of the pain. However, a few months ago her GI put her on a medication called "URSO 250" and since then her level of pain has been reduced. She still has the attacks of pain, but the highest they go is to around a 6 on a scale of 1-10, rather than all the way to 10. We haven't been to the ER since she started this medicine. This doesn't mean she is cured, but it has given her some relief and hopefully will be a clue to the doctors about the source of her pain. I guess this medicine can break up very small stones flowing through the bile ducts. One of the things it treats is Primary Biliary Cirrhosis, but apparently can help other things too. Not sure if she might have PBC or not. I found  some info on URSO 250 and PBC at http://pbcers.org/. Everyone here has been so helpful that I wanted to share something that I'm hoping could help someone else find relief from their pain.

In a follow up to this post I'll post the details about her condition that I have posted here so that you can see if this might match your symptoms.

Guy Kendall
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Massive Upper Abdominal Pain With No Other Symptoms Or Triggers

For two and a half years now my wife (now 34) has been having
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you didn't mention her liver,,,, any blood work for that?  any cat scan for it too to check if fat infiltration? I am going to think more about ANA and the sl positive test for scheroderm. If those are the only test positive,, you have to rule out what conditions these tests are positive for and then study the symptoms to see if match what your wife has. My mother has the same tests positive, the same type of pains,but she has diabetes, high cholesterol, triglicerides and has the fat infiltration in her liver.
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Here's a post regarding the same symptoms. I've seen posts like this a LOT from people with reflux (GERD) I sure hope your wife finds some help. University hospitals? Be sure to watch all those meds. Most may do more harm than good, especially if she has any GI disorders. Good Luck to you and your wife!


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Topic: Digestive Disorders: Scott Ketover, MD >> Discussion: Upper Abdominal Pain - like a vise grip by debcrocker (WebMD)

Upper Abdominal Pain - like a vise grip
by debcrocker (WebMD), on 9/2/2002 4:10:18 PM

I have been taking Prevacid for quite some time for acid reflux. Is it normal to have vise grip like pains around the upper portion of the abdomen (just below the chest area) that goes from the front to the back? Nothing seems to alleviate the pain, not prevacid, rolaids or tums, not drinking soda quickly to help me burp. The pain continues. Stomach bloating is quite evident when this occurs. It hurts to breathe deeply. I have had this pain constantly for 5 days now. It is better since the first 24 hours, but it is still there. It just isn't going away. Could this be gallbladder or something else?

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I think there is an epidemic of unecessary gallbladder surgery in this country.  I have a co-worker that had hers out and she still has gastrointestinal problems.  She can barely eat any food now.  
   ANYWAY,  What did the abdominal scan show?  Does she have fatty infiltration of the liver?  This condition can exist in fairly young people who aren't overweight.  Is anyone in her family diabetic?  Did she ever have polycystic ovarian syndrome?
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I don't see that she had a hida-scan to check for gall bladder function.  An ultrasound may not show stones but the hida scan would show ejection fraction and function of the gallbladder.
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I had gall bladder surgery five years ago, followed a month later by passing a stone from my bile duct (worse than labor pain). The doctor then did a Sphincterotomy to open up my bile duct, but in the last couple of months I've started getting symptoms again. I had a Hidascan, which didn't show any blockage, but my Gastro doctor told me that wouldn't show whether there are stones hiding in the bile ducts. I am now having another ERCP tomorrow to try and figure out what is going on. With this procedure, they go down your esophagus and into your bile duct and look for stones, which they can remove right then if they see them. They can also look into your Pancreatic ducts to see if there are any lodged there. I agree with the person who said there are a lot of unnecessary gall bladder removals going on, I wish I had left mine in. If I eat anything with fat in it, I have severe diarrhea the next day, which I never had before. Anyone have any other ideas?
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