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Food Intolerances

Hi, I was wondering about food intloerances (NOT allergies)- anyone have 'em? If so, what are your intolerances? Or what are common food intolerances? I know wheat, milk products, and corn are common- anything else? Like fruit? All types of alcohol? I would also be happy to hear what sort of symptoms you get from these intelerances. Thanks in advance.
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i have experienced intolerance to beer or wine.  my symptoms are when either gets in my colon i experience spasms in my throat that makes me excited as i am concerned my airway will close.

it feels like an alergic reaction as i get very hot until the episode is over ususally approx 50 min and i take benedryl to assist.  

i am not sure if the sulfphite are causing the trouble or something in the fermentation?
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