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Four year old says he has 'Sparkiling feet'

My son is four and he often says he has sparkiling feet. I think he feels tingling, but it is hard to know for sure. This happens often, and it's not from sitting on them. At first I thought it must be his feet falling alseep, now I see it happens at any time for no reason at all. Diabetes is on his father's side, I wonder if this could be a symptom? Is this a symptom of anything else?
Sincerely concerned for him...
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take him to a Podiatrist. My son complained as a 2 year old that his feet hurt. Of course we always thought he said it because he wanted to be carried. It wasn't until he was 7 that I decided to get them looked at. Turned out his body was growing too quickly for his achilles tendons to keep up. We opted to try stretching him out before surgery. By doing that we avoid surgery, and he doesn't complain anymore. Podiatrists are very good and will do anything to avoid surgery. Take him in you have nothing to loose except worry.
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My son is regular size for his age. He is kind of thin right now, even though he eats...a lot :)
He gives me the impression that his feet tingle. Thank you for your suggestion! I appreciate it more than I can say!
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Also, have him tested for diabetes.
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I displayed this information on another medical website where three doctors reply, and all three said the same thing as you! Juvenile diabetes! It is not hereditary though. Not this one type that is. I am taking him to the doctor this coming Tuesday. I'll keep you posted on the results.
Thanks a bunch for your comment!
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Dear Lisa,

I'm so glad you will have your son tested for diabetes! Some people think that very early drinking of COW'S MILK (among other things) can cause an auto-immune reaction, which destroys the insulin producing cells of the pancreas, causing juvenile diabetes.

If your son does have diabetes, I urge you to read a very enlightening book called "REVERSING DIABETES", by Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D. You may find this book extremely helpful, if your son does have diabetes!

Follow Lor's suggestions too, but also keep in mind that diabetes can cause "peripheral neuropathy" (nerve damage, outside of the brain & spinal cord), which can cause the tingling sensations.

It's good to follow up on SEVERAL possible underlying causes of your son's symptoms!

Good luck to you and your son!

Sincerely, Concerned lady
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Hi Again!

Something new just found today! My son said his neck hurt, so I offered to message it for him. I began in the back, and he said no mom right here, and pointed to the back behind his left ear. I found a lump or what seems to be a few lumps about two of my fingers big. Of course I am frightened. It hurts him, so I don't know if that means anything (such as just regular swollen glands) or worse. What do you think?
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