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Frequent Hiccups and Pain in the Middle of the Chest

  Iam having frequent hiccups and pain in the middlle of the chest and sometimes at the
  back. I have had this for the last three years. I have tried many medicines including
  zintac and some antiacids. I have also taken medical examination many times and the
  doctors say I dont have any ulcer. Can anyone help me. Is there any medicines which
  can cure this sickness? Looking forward to your help.
Dear wong,
Hiccoughs and pain in the chest can result from problems of the lungs, irritation of the diaphragm by lung or abdominal disease or diseases of the esophagus.  With regard to the esophageal disorders, it is necessary to exclude acid reflux into the chest and esophageal motility disorders.  The easiest way to accomplish these goals is to have an esophageal motility study and 24 hr pH probe test.  
I assume that you had an upper endoscopy to exclude inflammation of the esophagus.  If not, this test is also needed.
Symptomatic treatments will probably not work well.  It is best to look for a specific cause ofyour problem.
This response is offered for your general information and should not replace the conclusions drawn from a careful and complete evaluation by a physician.
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