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GERD? Prevacid? WHAT a night!!

Please, anyone else on Prevacid for GERD or suspected GERD?  How long before I get any relief?  I've been taking it for a little over a week now (second try).  Doctor only gave me 15 mg.which I take once a day.  But, so far, every night I am in horrible pain up into my chest and throat, even after taking a couple of spoonfuls of Mylanta.  I am going to try elevating the head of my bed now... I don't know what to eat anymore!  Give me some ideas.  I only weigh 110lbs now and can't afford to lose.  Seems like everything I want to eat is "bad" for me.  I'm also trying to exercise on my XLglider in the evenings for about 20 min. or so, hoping that this will aid in digesting my dinner.  
     Where are you "sturge"??? You had the same type problems I had and I want to know how you are dealing with it and feeling now.  But, anyone who can help with their experiences, please do.  You understand the suffering and discouragement and are much appreciated!  Also, anyone know where I can purchase DGL? Our GNC store doesn't carry it.  Thanks again.
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Make sure you elevate the head of the bed by putting something like a Brick under the head bed legs.  My doc wanted them up 8" but this was impossible for my bed. I am up 5
Prevacid did nothing for me but Nexium has helped better. My sister was put on prevacid (only thing allowed on her insurance plan) and she did good.  I believe with any Proton Pump Inhibitors, i.e. prilodec, prevacid, nexium and some others, my doc said it could take up to 2-3 weeks before i would get relief.

My doc told me to stay away from Chocolate, Pepper, peppermints and all red sauces. Limit coffee to a small cup in the morning and small cup at dinner.  Do not eat or drink 2 hours before going to bed.

It will get better.  Keep in close touch with your doctor.

Good Luck.
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Thanks LisaLamb!  I love your doctor!  Coffee?  I could live with having a small cup in the morning, but none at all would depress me.  I'm still looking for ideas of what to eat.  You don't know what a good thing you did for me with your encouragement.  To the rest of you reading this, please respond!  I need all the help I can get.  Dreading the night and getting tired.         needabreak
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It is me again.  Did your doctor (gastro) go down and look into your esophagus with a light?  This is very imnportant.  I have a stricture in my espohagus which the new doc will go back in and balloon this.  I know I will get more relief when this is done.

Also, there is a condtion called Barret's Espohagus whuch can be seen by going in and looking.  This is a pre-cancerous condtion and if one has this, close supervison is needed.  

The first doc (did not like him) took biopsies and it did show erosions of the esophagus.  The new lady doc(wonderful) will be doing the next EGD (look and see with the light)

Oh......Forgot to mention....Aspirin and Aspirin products can really play havoc on the tummy.  

Also, my gastro doc said that it is trial and error on these meds.  Some do very well on one and another will not do good.  There are side effects to all these meds which some never have and others will suffer the side effects.  

I could not take Prilosec but Nexium is made by the same people and I do better on this. Achifex was another I could not tolerate.

Put you feet up now and think positive thoughts that you will get through this.  Keep stress away as this is not good for the Gerd.

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Sorry to hear that your GERD is so bothersome to you even after taking the Prevacid.  I take 30 mgs per day.  Ask your doctor if he/she could up the dose for you.  My daughter is on 20mgs a day, and she is only 10 and 63 pounds.  I just don't think 15 mg is enough.  Ask your doctor if you could take one in the morning and one at night.  I take 30 at night, and I have very little problems now.  The Prevacid worked quickly on me.  It very well may be that you need something different.  I do well with Prevacid, and my daughter does very well on Prilosec which did nothing for me.  Good luck and hope that you feel relief soon.  Twingirl
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ask your doctor about reglan.im on it and it helps.
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Hi. I am so sorry that you are having such problems. You could try adding to your dosage of meds to see if that helps. I also agree with elevating yourself at night. That seems to help if you actually feel the acid coming back. I prop my pillows a certain way but I plan to buy a wedge when I get a chance. I too had trouble finding DGL. I take a kind that is made by Enzymatic Therapy brand natural medicines. They have a website www.enzy.com and you can go there and find a store that carries the DGL. It is still working for me. I have some hoarseness and throat clearing still but no actual pain. I also do not eat 3 hours before bed because if I do, I usually will have trouble. Best wishes and God Bless!
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