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Gall Bladder Symptoms???

Has anyone that has had gallbladder problems experienced anything similiar to what I am going thru? (or does this problem sound like something else?)

For the past 2 yrs I have had pain in the upper rt abd area that has varied from severe to mild.  When the pain is severe I would definately describe it as "an attack".  When the pain is bad I sometimes get pain under the right shoulder blade also and have a general feeling of not being well.  

Two key things I would like to have answered are (in relation to it being a gallbladder problem):
  1.  Whenever I am in the sitting position the pain causes the most discomfort.  Anyone else experience this?
  2.  Any use of alcohol causes the greatest attack.  Has anyone ever had a gallbladder attack due to the use of alcohol?

Other things that cause problems are fatty/fried foods and recently, the use of Vicodin for the pain makes it worse.

I have had 4 ultrasounds, 3 CT scans, HIDA scan, Barium enema, x-rays, endoscopy, numerous blood tests, Barium swallow, and stool analysis.  All have been normal with the exception of the first ultrasound that was done in Oct 2000 - it showed "mild gallbladder wall thickening could represent mild acalculus cholecystitis - correlate with symptoms".  The doctor did not think it was a gallbladder problem and the 3 ultrasounds I have had since have not showed anything abnormal (no stones, no wall thickening).  Any ideas?  Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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I can relate to your symptoms.  I have have had similiar problems, fo the last 4 yrs or so.  It started out with mild like runners cramp in the RUQ.  They would come and go, and would have attacks of such bad pain that i have gone to the emergency room twice now.  I find when the pain goes from mild irritation to the constant crampy achy burning pain i would have to pace, sitting made it worse, laying down does not help either.  To the severe pain that bending over and pacing was all i could do.  I have not found alcohol to make it worse, vicodin only helps if i can take one when the pain is mild.  When the pain comes on hard vicoden does not help at all.
i have had an ultra sound, an endoscope, ct scan with contrast of abdoman and pelvic, hida scan with no cck, and a colonoscopy.  Found a small heital hernia, nothing to worry about.  A small hernia below my naval, nothing to worry about, and a polyp (removed during the colonoscopy), not cause of the pain.  Still no answers, One Dr. suggested my weight was the problem, another Dr. suggested it was still my gall bladder, or IBS.  I have no problems with having a BM, sometimes constipation.  I go back to the Dr. on the 2nd for a follow up of the colonscopy.  Good Luck with your health, i hope you find answers faster than i have had.
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It sounds like your gallbladder, you should have another Hida scan with the CCK.
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Thanks for responding.  Sorry to hear you have been dealing with this twice as long as I have.  You mentioned that you had a HIDA scan w/out CCK.  I understand that CCK is no longer on the market at this time.  From my understanding CCK is used during a HIDA scan to check for proper gall bladder contraction.  If your gall bladder has not been checked for proper contraction it may be something to explore.  I have been told that they can use milk (or someother fatty dairy product) during your HIDA scan to mimic the action of the CCK to check for proper g/b contraction.  Discuss w/ your doctor.  

I had a HIDA w/ CCK two yrs ago and everything checked out ok.  I am having another at the end of January and have been told they will use milk to check for proper contraction.  I'll let you know how it checks out.  Keep us posted of your progress.  Good luck and keep searching for the answers.
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Thanks for responding.

I have been told they no longer use CCK at this time anymore.    The procedures unit where I am getting a HIDA scan done at the end of January have told me they will use milk to check for proper contraction.  Does this jive with what you have heard?
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I live in Canada and as far as I know the substance they use while performing the procedure is an organic compound which comes under the heading of nuclear medicine.  I was assured that there is no harmful effects from using this substance.  I assumed it was called CCK.
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CCK is the hormone your body secretes when you eat something fatty that tells your Gallbladder to contract & squeeze out some extra bile to help digestion. It also tells the sphincter of oddi to open up.

During a HIDA scan, you are given the radiotracer first, they wait to see if everything is showing up, the they will give you either CCK or something else to make the GB contact so they can measure how well it is working.

My daughter has had 2. At the first one, they gave her Ensure to drink..they did not inject CCK..her ejection fraction was 32%. The surgeon was not convinced it was her GB, so he ordered another HIDA, at a different place. At the 2nd one, they actually gave her CCK into her IV. that test came back at 8%. she had her gallbladder removed yesterday.

I was not aware that they were using a substitute for CCK, if they were, they did not say so...we live in the U.S.

My daughter is 19..had no stones..nothing showed up on any other tests. Hopefully this will take care of her problems.
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