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Gallbladder symptoms

Can you have gallbladder pain for a week and then have it go away?

Do the attacks usually recur after a certain amount of time?

I had pain for a little over a week but have felt fine since then. I'm scheduled to have a HIDA scan done on December 31st. Just wondering if it's common for these symptoms to occur, be quite severe, and then just seemingly disappear.

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Sorry!  This is a duplicate post!
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I just had my gallbladder removed Friday 12/27.  Symptoms can come and go..that is why I did not have it checked into for so long.  I would usually get sick 3-4 hours after eating something that was fatty.  I would dryheave, throw up, or have horrible burping attacks.  Also, I would get right shoulder pain.  My gallbladder was inflamed with stones.  A doctor could see this on an ultrasound.  Best of luck to you and hope you feel better soon!
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Am going through some screening to determine cause of pain (lower right pelvis and just under ribs, naseau, etc.  I am curious to know what causes the right shoulder pain when related to gall bladder problem. Have already checked out ovaries and now will check gallbladder and uterus for cause.
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I have had attacks off and on for several years, but they increased during the last year. The past 4 months have been very difficult for me. I live on a bland, fat free diet. I find that certain fruits and vegetables bother me as well. There have been no stones on the ultra sound, and the HIDA scan came back at a low-normal level of functioning. I also had a CAT SCAN that was normal. I am scheduled for gallbladder surgery on the 24th. I am kind of scared because it seems that lots of people continue suffering afterwards.

The pains or symptoms do come and go, and that's why I hadn't done anything before.
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Have your doctor speak to you about the possibilty of kidney stones. I was just diagnosed w/kidney stones and have been dealing with the pain on and off for 10 years. It really is hard to get some doctors to actually listen, take you seriously and put the ENTIRE picture into perspective. The pain I had is in the upper area under the rib cage, a wavelike, contracting pain that can get pretty painful, and then sometimes lower pelvic pain that follows a few hours/days later. The pelvic pain hurts worse when I walk, jog, aerobics because of the vibrations of my body. The lower pain is the stone passing from the ureter into the bladder. They ruled out ovarian cysts, appendicitis, duodenal ulcers and gallbladder stones throughout the 10 years I have suffered, but finally got it right recently. Right now I am just drinking LOTS of water (which has eased the pain considerably) until I have another follow up w/my Urologist for my treatment options. Just remain proactive with your doctor and maybe record when your pain occurs and what your food/fluid intake was for the day, how long the pain persisted, location of pain, intensity etc. This gives him (and you)something to work with. I hope you get some relief (and some answers) soon.
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