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Hi, my grandmother was just diagnosed with having gallstones. Unfortunately surgery is sort of out of the question. She is very fragile. She has diabetes, she's had cancer in her breast and colon, high blood pressure, asthma, several minor heart attacks, one major heart attack, etc. If she even catches a cold she has to be taken to the hospital. She's also had a lot of operations. Are there any other treatments besides surgery that can take the gallstones away? Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.

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I agree that you should pay no attention to the answer you got from patriot.  Your grandmother is fragile and needs your tender loving care.  I'm sure the doctors will take into consideration that your grandmother is frail and will try to treat her accordingly.
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Chicken Soup and Roxnsox, you'r wrong this time!
Information that Patriot provided in this forum have been of immense help to my life. I did all the cleanses, and I am 100% better. I can still improve my health, but, when I remember that just a 3 months ago doc's wanted to cut me open while they just thought that I have gallstones ... they didn't know what was wrong.

Patriot, thank you a million! Keep-up the good work, and don't listen to those who want to put you down.

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Patriot, don't you dare to leave us! There are hundreds of people every day searching for help! There are many of us lurkers reading your every message, and we are gratefull for your messages. Both me and my DH and my daughter and many of our friends are reading your messages almost every day.  BTW, my neighbour, age 52, have been sent home to die (prostate cancer, stage 4) 2 years ago. He is still alive, thanks to diet and cleansing. So, believe what you want, but information that Patriot is sharing is life-saving! I'm also not buying anyone's claims that Earth is round, and that Earth is smaller then the Sun,  when I can see with my eyes that it is flat, and that Sun is small.  But, if I would, by some chance, be able to see things with the eyes of an astronaut, I would most likely change my perception. Shicken Soup, sometimes the only way to see and to understand certain facts of life is to experience it yourself.  Until you try cleansing  ... you really don't know what health is.  Seeing is believeing! Feeling is believeing! When you see your face get 10 years younger, your weight goes down to where you have been when you were 25, you are able to run ... Seeing is believeing!  Linda
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No Patriot, don't go. If you go, I will feel like I have to try to help people ...( and I hate typing and computers) *smile*
Just because some people here don't like you ... don't give up.
I mean.. you can't expect everyone to like you!  If you told me, just one year ago that I will be doing enema every week and liver flush every few weeks, I would ask you if you are a nuts or something?  It takes time for us "usual people" to open-up for new ideas. I though that my MD is god himself, and that he knows everything about health.  I thought that medicine is a real scince, and that they want to help us get healthy. I know better now. My MD knows only what he is allowed to know. Today, he would be the last person I would ask for help ...
"A healthy population means a dead pharmaceutical industry."
They don't want us to be healthy. Pharmaceutical industry wants people to be sick and dependant on drugs. Drug addicts! They want to earn money! A lot of money! A lot of sick people! But, not my money any more! I want to live and to be healthy!
We are with you Patriot!   JPT

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Thank you all so very much for the advice. I really appreciate it. I just got back from visiting my grandmother in the hospital and she does have gallstones. The problem is that now the doctors say that they don't think the gallstones is what's causing all the problems. They saw something else next to the galbladder. Tomorrow they will be putting a small camera down her throat (I don't know what that's called). Well, thank you all very much. If anyone wants to write anymore messages they can. I will be checking this sight daily.

*To Patriot*
Thank you also for your advice. I am sure you are a very nice person. Unfortunately, the doctor you suggested is under investigation. She is considered a "Quack". I checked it out my self. Thank you anyway for your concern and advice. I really appreciate it.

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I agree with the people asking you to stay.  Don't let someone drive you away.  I just found this forum recently.  I guess there is no moderator.  Over on Webmd message boards they have moderators and keep things quite professional, sometimes even deleting posts that are rude or bizarre.  Chicken soup, why not post there too?  Please don't leave here, we need your input.
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Please don't leave this forum. If you do let me know any other site I may find you. Just because folk remedies "might" have worked a long time ago, doesn't mean they are good today. There is not one shread of scientific evidence that these folk remedies worked. Our life styles are different and there are more germs that these quackery cures can handle. I may not have alot of medical knowledge, but I have learned alot from my daughter, who is in the medical field. Ask any good expert and they will tell you what these flushes do to your digestive systems. Stay with us, quackery has never taken over science and we need compassionate people on this forum, not people that truly believe they can heal aids and cancer by flushing out toxins. A good cup of tea can do the same thing, except it will not cure all those diseases the quacks proclaim. I hope you don't leave---pray for these quacks, because they are doing more harm than help to people. I pray none of them ever dehydrate from these flushes. STAY,STAY, STAY.
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All of the advertising that patriot does is pretty bizarre. If you quiz her on any of the details, of course she can't back up what she says.
(Months ago, I tried to get details on some liver transplant patient's story from her----of course she couldn't give any-----all she does is copy & paste the rhetoric from that website.)

She depends on people to blindly follow----and not ask any detailed questions or do any research on what she recommends.

I hope you will keep coming to the board.....
Because I hate to think that this board will turn into some kind of joke (peddling **** that will give us all the great "life expectancy of 24 years" that she mentioned.) lol
"Yes....you too can live to be 24, like your ancestors.....do what they did before medical science came along......." ??

(Her arguments make no sense!)

Anyway, I hope you'll continue to come to this board.

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What ever advice is given on this forum..the person who is reading it owes it to themselves to further investigate and research the drug, or herb before sticking it in their mouths.
Like I said in an earlier post I am taking a herbal cleanser for my intestines and colon but before taking it I researched each and every ingredient and I brought the leaflet and bottle to my doctor's office on one of my visits. My stool has never looked normal in years...always loose..diahrea looking but now it is formed..a nice brown color and very clean looking.
I will not be taking these herbs forever since their are no studies done on what the long term effects some herbs have on your system. I am using it to cleanse.
But on the other side of the coin ... some doctor's really don't tell you everything about the drugs they prescribe either. Those PPI'S , Proton Pump Acid Inhibitors are not meant to be taken for a long duration. Your stomach needs the acid to absorb alot of nutrients and vitamins that are important to the health of your body. With no or little stomach acid you cannot absorb vitamin B12 which is important to your nervous system and after a while it can suffer damage and one of the signs is getting tingling in your fingers and toes.
A person should never take a pill blindly whether it is a herb or a prescribed drug...questions should be asked to your doctor and research should be done. If you don't get a detailed answer from your doctor because alot of doctor's are too brief with their answers..phone your pharmacist.
No one should leave this forum..there are always going to be a difference of opinions...just as long as everyone is told and shown ways to do research on the info themselves and talk to their doctors and open mouths and ask questions.
It is a shame we do not see Concerned Lady anymore...she left..after receiving alot of complaints about the info she was giving. I think everyone in here has the same goal..to help people but don't assume everyone who reads the advice has common sense...with the info it should always be stated to do your own research and talk it over with your doctor.
If by chance your doctor has the Iam God syndrome and acts like you are a bother...or he is much too busy or important to answer you insignificant questions or hands you a prescription without a word about what it is for and why, then get yourself a new doctor.
So please don't leave...isn't a difference of opinion a healthy thing? It makes one think , ask questions and the person is made aware of both sides of the situation. We can still have a differnce of opinions and still voice it with respect and without insulting said person.
Have a great day everyone :o)
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virgo57 you said it right! I would have choosen the same words. My words. Can't you people grow up! This forum should be a place where everyone should feel welcome to share his/her experience with whatever works ... not only people who choose mainstream meds, which we all know carry many possible side efects. Everyone should have the right to share his/her story ... without being constantly attacked.   Those of you who like to attack others, you have to allow people to have different opinion, without making war with them.  You don't have to jump on every single message posted by Patriot. Allow people to have different opinion then your own. On every single forum I've been on, people argue about alternative/mainstream, and no one have ever prooved anything.. And In the end, there is only our own experience that matter, and nothing else.  No statistic, no research, no study can replace your own experience.  Nothing can protect you from yourself. If you do nothing, things may go bad. If you choose to trust to your doc, things can go bad and if you choose to trust to alternatives, things can go bad. No choice is better or worst apriori. I have fixed some of my problems with meds, and some problems with alternatives. I choose what works for me, I don't care if there is scientific backup or not.  
Allow other people to think different.  Think again, before attacking anyones opinion.

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I am 57 year old family man running a small farm and also holding down a full time job in IT.  health is a very important part of my life, and I take it very seriously.

Two years ago my wife was diagnosed with a severe gallstone problem.  Her ultrasound showed lots of stones the size of hazel nuts.  One look at the utlrasound pics her doctor lifted the phone to call the hospital to check my wife in for early surgery.  My wife had been reading Dr Clark's book for some time.  She told her med doctor to hold that call.  She came home and put herself through two liver cleanses.  The second one, we both counted the huge stones that came out in the toilet.  

I am no crank.  I saw it with my own eyes.  She has been free ever since of the pain that used to rack her.

I repeat.  This is real.  I have no alliance to Dr Clark.  I am a highly intelligent man, and I saw this cure with my own eyes.  

I have to say in defence of Hulda Clark going to Mexico, that obviously if she is outlawed in the USA, where can she parctice, for heaven's sake?  OK she is not an MD, but she has a background of research cell biology that would leave any MD gasping.  

If Doctors and others find her cancer theories strange, I would just like all of them to look at what we have in the first world - one in 9 women getting breast cancer.  Billions of dollars spent on treatments when the doctors do not know what the heck causes it.  It is a farce.  It really is.

And if an oncologist loses a patient, which they must lose many, are they hounded by the law.  Of course not.  

I have to add that in the case of the patient mentioned here, I would tread softly because of her frailty.  

But there is no doubt in my mind that Hulda Clark's liver cleanse works.  I'll also add that my lovely daughter had her gall bladder removed at 23.  If I'd have known what I know now she would still have a gall bladder.  My wife at a considerably more advanced age, 52, was cured and retains a healthy gall bladder.
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I think that JPT is Patriot.  They make the same typos and have the same style.
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