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Hi All, i had my G.B. out in Nov.2001 didn't solve my pain. Did all the tests, endoscopy, rectal scope, CT and nothing but a little bit of Diverticulitis. Well I found a disease call gastroparesis on the web had all my symptoms. I am a diabetic and they started to treat it with practically the only drug they have, REGLAN! Now I drink glucerna and ensure and eat like a bird! Pain never resides. If anyone out there has any  ideas or secret remedies PLEASE contact me at ***@****

Thanks A Bunch
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See if you liver enzymes are ever elevated at the begining of the pain attacks (With 30-60 mins). Also, try to get an ERCP done... You may also suffer from Bilary Duct Obstruction Syndrome which can occur after GB surgery... I have both Gastroparesis (an 8-9 hour delay) along with the BDOS. The gastroparesis should not be causes anything more than mild to moderate pain (On a scale from 2-4). Search the other questions about post GB surgury pain and see if they match you symptoms. Don't forget, if you don't feel comforatble with your doctor, you have every right in the world to see someone else...!!
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I also have gastroparesis, but no pain, just trouble emptying my stomach.  It takes so long for food to go though.  If you don't take care of your going to the bathroom you will have problems.  Make sure your boweles keep working.  I have also had my Gallbladder out.  That was making me though-up all the time.  Now I feel better.  But I do have another problem.  I cough, and gag so much and I don't know what that is from.  Any ideas let me know.
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