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Gastric Cancer?

Posted By Eric on August 06, 1998 at 15:43:10:

Hi I'm 26 and have had abdominal discomfort, some weight loss and have been taking prescribed Prilosec two weeks after the symptoms appeared. I've been on this for about 4 weeks now and will be getting an endoscopy soon. The pain seems to have gone other than some occasional belching and light indigestion on heavier meals. What worries me is that my two blood tests show negative for H. Pylori and my stool tests shows no bleeding. My doctor said it was pretty uncommon for someone my age to have gastric cancer but he didn't say what then would be causing these Ulcer like symptoms and if the prilosec was simply masking the symptoms. If the blood work doesn't show H. pylori could it still be the bacteria or could it be something else (benign). Coincedentally I have started to gain a few pounds back and my appetite is back to normal. What would be some other signs of gastric cancer?
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