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Gastric empyting question???

My son had a gastric study done and found that 78% of his stomach contents were retained.  With this kind of failure (hi rate of food left) is it not imperative to dig for the cause of gasetoparesis.

AND does the stomach emptying delay have other causes beside gasetoparesis?  For a blockage is stomach distention always "necessary".

Thank you very much, Laura
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Dear Laura,
I assume that the gastric emptying test was ordered because of symptoms that your son displayed e.g. poor appetite, 'filled up quickly', vomiting.  The study does indeed demonstrate substantail dysmotility.  I would think that looking for an underlying cause would be appropriate.  IF a treatable cause is found, then you would not have to consider symptomatic therapy with prokinetic agents.  

Gastroparesis refers to a condition in which impaired muscle contractility is the cause for the retained food in th estomach.  Alterations in motor function or neural innervation of the gastric muscle e.g. in diabetes, can cause gastroparesis  It is necessary to exclude mechanical obstruction e.g. strictures, congenital abnormalities, pancreatitis because these conditions have specific treatments which can prevent gastric stasis
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Hi Laura:

I am not a doctor but someone who knows quite a bit about gadtroparesis. Many things can cause the stomach to not empty properly. Yes an obstruction of some kind can cause delay in gastric emptying, diabetes, viruses, prior surgery around the area of the stomach that might have damaged the vagus nerve. etc....

If the standard prokinteic medications do not work for your son, then I would make sure I found a doctor who could do some further testing to maybe get more answers and maybe rule what is not causing the problem. Gastroparesis is a funny problem because often there is no found cause and remains a mystery. That is why many people have what they call idiopathic " of unknown origin" gastroparesis.

You are welcome to e-mail me at ***@****.

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You mention damage to the vagus nerve as a possible cause of gastroparesis.  Do you have any research to support this and if so would you please share the source/sources.

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I have recently had a gastric emptying study done and was told that it took 820 minutes for the contents to empty. I have recently had my gallbladder remover and the hida scan was abnormal to with an injection fraction of 5%.  I have been told that I have a motilty problem of the whole digestive tract. I am only 33 years old. Up till know I have only had problem with IBS.  I am know taking propulsid and am changing my diet but the pain is consent.  Is there anything else I can do to improve the way I feel?  Do I have to take this medication from know on.

Thank you
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Just read all the articles on the internet on gastroparesis, and it makes several mentions about vagus nerve damage and the coorelation to gastroparesis. I am living it.

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I too am living it, and have been told it was due to damage done during a Laporoscopic Nissen Fundoplication done for GERD. I now have a motility and absorption problem also as well as the return of GERD.  Traveled to Mayo where they identified all of this and work closely with the doctor out there.  

I read all the time and wait for a "miracle" drug to hit the market.

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