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Gastritis - chronic

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Hello. I know that you can also take Reglan. But I hear that some people get terrible side affects. I took it, but didn't get any side affects.
If I were you, I would do the ultrasound because you don't neccessary need to feel pain for something to be wrong. I say better safe than sorry
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Hi Xiofei,

Go for the gall bladder check.  It is simple and will rule out any other possible causes.

Gastritis is lifestyle as well as medication.  You do need to avoid foods that cause it and look at lifestyle issues - like stopping smoking if you smoke, stress management, weight control, exercise, etc.

Drugs help but do not cure - I take pantoprazole (similar to prevacid) daily - unless you find the cause of the problems.  I have mixed results with drugs - sometime better, sometimes worse. But I have worked out that stress and particularly depression have big impact on my stomach symptoms.  I am trying Chinese medicine to help 'balance' my system - I think it is helping (but not if I drink red wine, or smoke, or do other exacerbating activities).  You are chinese? Perhaps you could try alternative approaches to assist in management.
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First of all you should do an ultra sound test for the gall bladder.

Problems like your have to do with the proper function of the gall bladder and the autonomic nervous system.

In Ayurveda this kind of disease is related to Kapha disorders, so you should follow Anti- Kapha diet (http://www.kronon-offshore.com/Health-en/ayurveda/kapha.htm)

If you have any other questions or problems please turn to me (contact details are on the site).

Your case requires a treatment  with homeopathic remedies. This is a safe and iexpensive way of healing.

Dr. A. Fountoulis NMD, DHOM, DAy
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