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Gout - Allopurinol - Liver Enzymes Rising????
I had my first gout attack August 2000 (1 year ago).
My AST and ALT readings were normal and my Uric Acid levels were abnormal which verified the Gout condition.  Dotor started me on Allopurinol? Could this medication be causing abnormal liver functions?  I am worried that this is permanently damaging my liver - very worried.

August 2000 - AST 20 ALT 25
April  2001 - AST 60 ALT 110
August 2001 - AST 120 ALT 290

I consider myself a moderate drinker - beer on weekends.  Since I've had the gout I have reduced my alcohol intake to maybe 2-4 beers over a weekend - much less than I drank prior to August 2000 reading.  Cat Scan came back fine - no liver or related abnormalities of any kind.  Check for Hep C - negative.  Doctor believes this is not caused by medicine???

Currently taking 300mg Allopurinol - 25mg Viox - .6mg Colchincine
dailey.  Allopurinol Fact Sheet indicates possible side effects of liver impacts but it is unclear to the layman what is said?
Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks
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