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Green Diarrhea

  My family has just recently been through a flu lasting about 24 hours with symptoms ranging from slight diarrhea to vomiting.  I (mother) am the last to get this flu, but my symptoms are a little different.
  I have had green, very watery diarrhea with no stomache pains,and mild nausea lasting about 2 days now.
  My question is this: What does the green diarrhea mean, I haven't eaten anything green?  Also, Should I be taking something to stop the diarrhea or let it clean out my system ?  How should I be "treating" myself - foods etc.  (I have only found info on children and it hasn't seemed to work for me)?

  P.S. I may be about 4 weeks pregnant.
Dear Tammy,
By the ttime that you receive this e-mail, your diarrhea should have been a distant  memory.  The color of stool is often difficult to describe.  There is no readily apparent reason why you should think that you have green stool.
With regard t treatment, most infectious diarrheas are self-limited lasting only a few days.  If you are still symptomatic, you will require extensive culturing looking for an unusual cause for your symptoms.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Ask specific questions to your personal physician.
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