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Having VERY weird problems..please help part 2

SEVER crying mostly uncontrolled at all. can last for an hour or more..seems like I cry more and feel bad towards late evening mostly..
Headache (not really bad)
dry mouth
slight shortness of breath
tightness in chest (feels like my sternum hurts a little)
cold feet
sweaty hands
feeling unbalanced and kind of woozy
feel like I am gonna die
cool/metal feeling in my mouth (not real bad)
obsessed with my death (severely afraid of dying)

Has anyone ever experienced any of these. I went today and had accupuncture done but the first visit had no effect on anything. I can tell you a brief rundown of my past.
Grew up a military brat (always moving and leaving friends)
decent childhood
Lost my first grandpa at age 9
lost my second in 1999 (April '99)
Lost my ex girlfriend to suicide (March '00)
Involved in major car wreck that killed a 45 year old woman this year (March '01)
The wreck was not my fault

I felt fine after the wreck and then all of a sudden I started having these problems 6 months later it seems after an ex girlfriend would not take me back and I have not been working for over a year. Sorry I ran out of room on the first page.
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hun, you're having anxiety attacks.  i'll bet money on it.  you NEED to go to your doctor to find out why you're having them, and how to treat them.  i was having symptoms EXACTLY like yours, and i was found to have panic/anxiety disorder.  its a VERY real disorder, thousands upon thousands are diagnosed every year.  there are a couple reasons that you could be having them.  one reason you NEED to go to your doctor is because you have to have your thyroid checked.  hyperthyroid can cause these EXACT symptoms, and many people don't know this and go on thinking that its just anxiety and will pass.  if you are hyperthyroid, there's medication out there so you won't feel like that anymore.  I was diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder six years ago.  about a month ago i had some blood work done with a new doctor, and he found that my thyroid was over active.  now i'm waiting to see the thyroid specialist, and hopefully it will be treated and that will be the end of these attacks!!!  i wish you luck, PLEASE go to your doctor!!
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Your having Anxiety attacks and I had every symptom that your are having when I quit smoking.  There is a great website called Quitnet.com that can eliminate some of your fears.  Anxiety can be masked by smoking and when you stop--it's as though everything is magnified. Another place you can visit is the ADAA message board that deals with General Anxiety Disorders.  YOu'll get alot of feed back and help from people on that site.

Good luck
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Do you take the artificial sweetener Aspartame at all? I was using it and one day saw reports on the net of its dangers to some people by affecting their mental health. I stopped taking it and a few days later many of the worst feelings started to subside.
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Panic attacks are different than anxiety attacks because with panic attacks you actually think you are going to die.  My brother has these and they incapacitate him with fear when they happen.  He feels that he is having a heart attack and he wants to go the the emergency room.  Some of the symptoms you described are those of a heart attack.  The trauma from the accident in March could have triggered your panic attacks and there are medications out there to help you.  Most doctors now have knowledge of these conditions. You should be checked out to be sure you didn't sustain some injuries due to the accident.  I am sure that if they are panic attacks there is a medication that will help you.
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Having had panic attacks for over 20 years I can totally relate
to your symptoms and how you feel.  I was diagnosed with Clinical Depression a couple of years ago, and was prescribed Sertraline (UK name for Zoloft).  This has totally changed my life more than you can believe, since it has helped enormously with the depression, and has also almost eliminated my panic attacks.

Since you mention that you have been having crying episodes, then it's possible that you are having some kind of depression problems too.  

If you are on any anti-depressant medication, be aware that it can often take at least 3 weeks to have any effect, and you may feel worse before you feel better.

That said I really wish you well, and hope that you get to the root of your problems and receive appropriate medication.

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I too have been battling these same symptoms for the past few years after my divorce. I just went for a third opinion and recieved a posistive lupus test which has many of these symptoms
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