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Heartbeat felt on upper middle left abdomen

  I've had loss of appetite, some nausea without vomitting
  and lack of appetite on and off for a few years. I eat very
  little before feeling full. Recently, I've been waking up an
  hour or two after I go to sleep with nausea and a lot of gas.
  When I lay flat on my back, around my navel area I can feel
  something like a large round bump that I can move around. Also,
  if I press firmly on it, above the navel near the middle left
  I can feel my heartbeat pushing against my hand quite strongly -
  this occurs only in that region and is stronger than if my hand
  were directly over my heart. My question is if this is normal
  to be able to feel your heart pulse in this region.  Thanks
  in advance for your help.
Dear Christopher,
I can only guess at the cause of your gastrointestinal symptoms, but I can ressure you that the pulsation that you describe is not serious.  There are tywo possible explanations for your observation.  If you are thin, then you may be feeling either the aorta, renal artery or possibly iliac artery, all of which are in this general area.  Alternatively, you are feeling a referred cardiac contraction.  Usually, these pulsations do not signify serious problems.  If you are concerned regarding possibilities of aneurysms, then an ultrasound or CT of the abdomen can be done.
This information is presented for educational purposes only.  Always consult your personal physician for specific medical questions.
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