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Heartburn to gallstones to hernia to swollen muscles to 50lbs of what?

In July of 1994 I had heartburn that turned into a "routine 45 min." gallbladder laser surgery that lasted 3 hours. During surgery I bled internally then code blue was called.  In November of 1993 appered a nickle sized knot in the where the surgery scar was.
In 1994 the now lemon sized knot was diagnosed as hernia.  I had hernia surgery in 1995.  After surgery the knot continued to grow into the size of a grapefruit.  In 2000 severe pains in my stomache led me to the E.R. which I was given emergency surgery said to be swollen and stretched muscles.  After surgery the knot continued to grow.  Now in 2002 the knot is watermelon sized 50+lbs. I went to a doctor whom said he could fix whatever the problem is but it would lead to more complications. Dr. could not explain what is. Can you help me?  The knot begins under my breast and now sits in my lap.  I want to try one more time but I am afraid.  I need the best doctors and help that I can get. Many doctors said they would not operate.
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