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Hemmoroids??? What should I do?

I think I have hemmoroids... after doing some research on what they are I am pretty sure.

I just am not sure where to go from here. It is a small external one that is uncomfortable during different times of the day, usually after I go to the bathroom, I assume it is from wiping.

I know of Preparation H, does this actually make it go away or do I need to do something else. I have also read about flare-ups. Does this mean it won't ever totally go away and that I will have it for the rest of my life?

Anyways, just looking for a little advice on what to do about it, thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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The swelling and itching of external hemorroids can be relieved by application of a product like Preparation H.  Wiping with Tucks or a tissue saturated with witchhazel also cools and soothes the affected area.  There are surgical procedures to eliminate hemorroids, yet many doctors do not recommend them unless all other methods of home treatment are unsuccessful.  My doctor suggests a diet very high in fiber, or use of a natural fiber preparation like Metamucil (s.p.).  He also suggested the use of stool softeners until the hemorroids go away.

Unfortunately, they are one of those annoyances that can return, weeks, months or even years later.  That's why it is important to have a diet high in fiber to prevent this problem from reoccuring.
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I've had hemoriods several times since my late teens, the first time happened when I worked as a nurse aide in a nursing home and all the lifting was too much strain (I eventually had surgery for a ruptured disc twice). They came back and went away a couple of times and then again during or after pregnancy, but now I can't remember the last time I had them. It's been maybe 10 years. So I hope that's reassuring. They can be pretty miserable, but I remember the preparation H really helped to shrink them down and the witchhazel compresses were cooling and soothing. Hope you feel better soon. Be careful to not get constipated by eating plenty of fiber, drinking lots of water, and getting some exercize every day.
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some websites with info to help you out:


the thing to remember is that each time they recur, they are harder to get rid of. avoid whatever it was that caused it, and keep avoiding it.
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I got my first hemmoroid after giving birth.  I've never had them re-occur til NOW.  For the last 3-4 weeks, it seems like they are popping out on one side, then go away for 2 days, and pop out again on the other side.  Sometimes the pain is unbearable!  I noticed on the over the counter stuff like Prep-H, you're only supposed to use it for 4 days.  Reading what you've commented here, it seems like I have no other alternatives....just Prep-H and withchazel?  *sigh*
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Hi, I just wanted to ask what measures can I take to relieve hemmoroid itching while working in the office.  I work a lot with computers - that involves sitting for prolonged periods.  I make sure I am moving about regularly during the workday, but that only helps in a limited way.  I have investigated the possibility of alternative seat arrangements (for instance, using one of those really big "health" balls that you sit on)... but it seems a little dramatic.  Is there a good way to deal with this?  Or do I have to start thinking about finding new work??? Kent
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