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Hepatotoxicity of methadone

    I am on 60mg. aday methadone I had16yr. history of I.V. drug use,age34. I do no drugs nor drink in many(5) years. Recent biopsy showed bridging portalfibrosis ,incomplete cirrhosis ,spleenomegalyand other advanced cirrhotic symptoms.Skipping personal moral judgements(something not easily done with methadone,despite N.I.H.recent proclaimation)  what is the hepatotoxicity of this drug?I have Hep C 1st detected 1990 but that gives no clear indictation of when I was infected.
Dear Shane,
After looking into the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference) and a standard hepatology textbook and performing a search on methadone, I could find no mention or report of hepatoxicity in relation to methadone.
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