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High Bone and Liver fractions of Alkaline Phosphatase

Hi I recently went in for tests due to severe abdominal cramping in the upper middle (below ribcage).  Blood tests showed I had an alkaline phosphatase of 644.  No other blood work showed anything else.  I went for an ultrasound and catscan and found no gallstones or anything else.  Had an endoscopy done and found a polyp in my esophogus that is now going for a byopsy.  The phosphatase was broken down from the original sample and it showed bone was 411 and liver was 233 none from intestine.  It seems to me pretty strange to have both high when nothing else is going on.  I was wondering if it could be caused from one of the following:  I had chicken pox about 6 weeks prior.  I read that shingles can cause this enzyme to go up (is that true and is it true for chicken pox too?  Would it cause both to go up?)  I also had a miscarriage right after the chicken pox.  I was only 6 1/2 weeks pregnant at the time.  ALthough placentas can generate this enzyme, my ob is 100% sure it is not my case because my placenta would not have been there because the pregnancy was so new.  Any insight would be great.  I just think how can I have two totally separate problems just happen to show up on the same enzyme, that I am hoping it is just a fluke.  yesturday my Dr. retested the alkaline phosphatase level (it has been two weeks since the first) and also tested for GGT.

Thanks for any info.
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