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Hisgh SGPT, Abnormal RBC morphology
I am 29 yrs Indian Male,suffering from Lethargy tiredness, breatlessness also loss of concentration and loss of Libido.
When I got myself checked I found the following abnomality in the results;
mean corpuscular volume: 100.7
RBC Dist width         :  15.6
Mean Platelet volume   :   9.9
Eosinophil             :    08
Cholestrol             :   207
RBC Morphology      :  Abnormal
Anisocytosis      :  Present 1+
Macrocytosis      :  Present 1+
SGPT            :  99

Low :
RBC            :  4.29
Platelets            :  52
Segmented Neutrphils   :  47

Please note HBsAg is not detected, Glucose and TG are normal,Hiv 1&2 (EIA) is negative Ihave had a jaundice 4 years back which resolved easily and quickly.However when my SGPT was evaluated approx. 7 years back it was high. Since then I have had no problems.I do not take alchohol, or smoke or tobbaco/any habit forming drugs.Iam 5feet &7inches and weigh 80 kg.
Iam worried as high level of SGPT is indicative of Liver degeneration? Iwant to know what is wrong with me.Also the Morphology of the RBC is also abnomal, which itself is a dangerous sign.
Please help me as I am extremely worried.
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