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How would I Know if I had leaky gut syndrome?

How would I know if I was suffering from leaky gut syndrome or candidiasis of the gut ?
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Don't know--but I found this on the net at http://www.lovelyhealth.com/Candida.htm

What is candidiasis?
Candidiasis is an infection by Candida Albicans, a type of yeast. Although pathogenic strains of Candida share similar characteristics with food yeasts, food yeasts do not carry the same pathogenicity and ability to strongly adhere to and colonize mucous membranes. Candidiasis, and especially intestinal Candida proliferation, has recently been seen as a condition that can strike those who have "normal" immune systems. It has been subject to much debate and lack of understanding, but has motivated new thinking and research.

Why has it become so common?
Candidiasis was virtually unheard of before 1940. It is since the introduction of antibiotics at around that time that candida has become the widespread problem that it is today. Antibiotics kill the normal biota in the gut  and since even healthy guts have Candida in them and nature abhors a vacuum, the candida will proliferate. The use of steroids (cortisones), birth control pills, antacid and anti-ulcer medications,  in addition to antibiotics are  contributes strongly since Candida proliferates rapidly in the presence of these substances.  Modern day diets extremely high in sugars are also blamed for the condition as sugars are rapidly metabolized by fungi, especially  yeasts, and prevent the growth of bacteria.

What does it do to our bodies?
Candida is believed to play a part in creating what is called a "leaky gut," an unfavorable increase in intestinal permeability.
Candida has been found to produce 79 distinct toxins.
Overgrowth of candida causes an allergic response from the body which further plunders the resources of the body's immune system.
Diarrhea, sometimes associated with abdominal cramps, can be caused by Candida.
Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis have also been reported in association with Candida.
Symptoms of Candidiasis
Extreme lethargy
Diarrhea, chronic gas, bloating, abdominal cramps alleviated by bowel movements, Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Lactose intolerance
Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder
Allergies and allergy symptoms, chemical sensitivities
Panic attacks
Sinus problems
Eye fatigue
Muscle weakness and bone pain
White tongue and a white coating
Psoriasis/seborrheic dermatitis/dandruff, dry, itchy skin
Rectal itching
Frequent yeast infections in women
High sugar or mold foods drastically increase symptoms.
Avoiding food helps to alleviate symptoms
Inflammation of the hair follicles (candidiasis folliculitis) of various parts of the body (feet, legs, arms)
Frequent urination
Swollen lips/face
Symptoms worse after waking
Facial rash
Chronic inflammation and irritation of the eye and conjunctivae.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Diagnosis of candida
Diagnosis of Candida is often not that easy although many doctors do not seem to look specifically for it. The most reliable way of proving Candida overgrowth is with a stool exam on a sample collected at home when symptoms are worst. The laboratory should be instructed to do a gram stain for yeast along with direct microscopic examination of the sample. You should not of course take antifungal drugs prior to the examination.

What can be done to defeat Candida?
The first thing to do is reduce the level of Candida to that of a normal gut. This done using fungicides. There are many natural fungicides such as Shark Liver Oil which can be used in a maintenance fashion once Candida levels are low enough, however initially it is probably best to get a prescription from your doctor for an antifungal such as Nystatin, Lamisil or Diflucan. All seem to be considered safe with little or no side effects. You will of course have to convince your doctor of the need for such a prescription.
Candida diet.Reduce sugars and carbohydrates in your diet, particularly sugars as yeasts love these and thrive on them.
Take probiotics containing such bacteria as Lactobacilli, Bifidobacterium. These bacteria don't just "crowd out" intestinal yeast, but they also produce factors such as lactic acid (from lactose), formic acid, acetic acid, and hydrogen peroxide that help to provide an environment and pH unfavorable to yeasts.
Avoid where possible oral antibiotics, antacids and  steroids.

Supplements that help to heal your gut
Shark Liver Oil.
Co-enzyme Q10
Anti-oxidants such as vitamins A, C, E and beta carotene.
Mineral supplements particularly selenium.
Aloe Vera Juice or powdered leaf.
Digestive enzymes.
How long will it take to eliminate Candida?
Candida is a very persistent organism and you will have to be more persistent. It may take months but the result will be worth it.

Hope this helps

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The Great Smokies Disgnostic Lab has a test for this.  It is called the Intestinal Permeability Assessment.  Go to www.gsdl.com   At the bottom of the page where it has Find assessments: choose gastrointestinal and it will bring up more info on the test.  You will probably have to go to an alternative doctor to have the test done.
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Cwendy and Giggy could really not have gave you any more information. They hit the nail on the head with everything that really pertains to Candida. I had a stool sample myself that was performed by Smokey Labs and it showed that I was off the charts for the Yeast. Cwendy listed everything that I was instructed to do myself. I was on Diflucan and then swithed to Nystatin. After taking those meds. for a while I went on a strict diet of "no sugar" intake. Between the meds. and the diet, I had very bad "die off" with the major diarhhea and vomiting, but that due to my count being so high. Candida can mimic over 300 other disorders and it is important to find out if you have it so you may not be dx with a disorder that is not really what you have. The side effects of Candida are not nice, and Wendy listed almost every one of them as well as making sure you try and replace to good "Flora" in you body that the Candida has taken over. Great Smokey Labs. are known best for this test as Giggy said and I wish you the best of luck on getting a Dr. to make an order for you so you may find out.

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