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I am looking for a good no fat diet for acute pancreatitis

I have searched and searched the internet for a no fat diet to fight acute pancreatitis.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks!!
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If I were you, I would ask your doctor about taking DIGESTIVE ENZYMES that include LIPASE (digests fats), so that you can avoid the many MAL-ABSORPTION SYNDROMES that zero-fat diets cause:

Examples of this are: serious health problems that could result from not absorbing fat soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin D, E, and K. Other problems that low-fat and no-fat diets cause are HORMONAL PROBLEMS, and NERVOUS SYSTEM PROBLEMS!!!:

By eating pancreatic digestive enzymes at meals, it seems like you COULD then eat fats (including the important nutrient called cholesterol), which your ENDOCRINE GLANDS (ductless glands) need, to produce HORMONES!!

And your NERVOUS SYSTEM needs fats (cholesterol) to repair any damaged MYELIN coatings around many nerve cells. (This is true in many de-myelinating nervous system problems, including epilepsy/seizures, and vaccination bad reactions, etc.)

By eating pancreatic digestive enzymes at meals, you give the pancreas a rest, but you WOULD be allowing proper digestion (breakdown of large molecules into smaller ones, that can then be absorbed by the bloodstream) to occur, and then you could have proper absorption of VITAL NUTRIENTS!!!!!

A good NUTRITIONIST and a good HEALTH FOOD STORE (and some good Chiropracters) will have information on exactly WHICH digestive enzymes would be best your YOUR PARTICULAR CASE!!

I apologize for not answering your question in the way it was phrased, but I hope I have given you some "food for thought"!!

Concerned lady

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Concerned Lady is correct.  If you were able to get your GI to prescribe enzyme supplements for you, you would be able to maintain a strict LOW FAT diet that would still provide other valuable nutrients which your body needs to stay healthy.  CookingLight.com online has many good recipes for strict low-fat cooking.  I have had acute pancreatitis attacks, and now have chronic pancreatitis and have to maintain a diet with less than 20 grams of fat daily.  I take enzymes so I can eat, and to help maintain the pain caused by eating.  I have found those enzymes prescribed by a GI to be better than those found in health food stores though, as they are higher in amounts of lipase than anything that can be sold over the counter, thus more effective.
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I don't mean to intercept this thread, but it seemed like some people knowledgeable about pancreatitis might see my question here and respond... does anybody know what can cause pancreatitis, besides alcohol or gallbladder disease? Is it possible to have "mild" pancreatitis, that is, with only mild or absent pain plus mild nausea? Thanks, and sorry for interrupting.
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Alcohol and gallbladder problems are not the only causes of pancreatitis, just the most predominant ones (about 75%).  It can also be caused by heritary factors, severe abdominal trauma, prolonged usage of certain types of medically prescribed drugs and abnormalities within the digestive tract organs.  Some people also have only mild symptoms of the nausea, pain and backache commonly associated with this disease.  The disease usually progresses, though, because the pancreas cannot heal itself, and each flareup or acute attack causes further damage to the organ or associated ducts.  I hope this helps answer your question, Wilson.  Feel free to email me personally if you have more specific questions.
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I agree.  You should ask you Gastro doctor for a prescription for digestive enzymes.  I currently am battling acute pancreatitis and the digestive enzymes seem to help.  I still have pains when I eat but they are not as severe.
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I agree with Baseball Mom.  I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis and SOD and I am on enzyme pills.  I take 5 at each meal and take some with snacks.  They do not releave all the pain, but they help reduce it.
Good Luck to you.
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