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I am passing nothing other then blood clots

I am female, 46 yrs old and am white.  I have had problems with bowle movements as far back as I can remember.  I do not go on a regular bases, in fact it is common for me not to go for a couple of weeks.  I bounce between loose, running stools, to large and hard to pass.  I never think of going to the bathroom daily, I never get the urge.  After my children, I have hemmroids and cannot sit long or push to much as they will act up.  They have had to "lance" them before.  Lucky me, they are in and out.  Back in 1986, I started cramping serverly, started passing hard stools to loose waterey.  I laid down for awhile and the cramping started up again, went to the bathroom and started passing large blood clots.  This continued for about an hour, dark, mucus, blood clots.  I went to the hospital as I was out of town.  They received a sample and said I needed to my doc at home.  I did so.  The Doc did a scope, she saw a few ? said their was nothing to worry about and had me taking fiber, which did nothing, except bloat me.
Life goes on.  I do not pass stool, or at the most a little bit until the following happens:
It is usally during the night, say 1 to 2 am.  I wake with the worst cramping, I can not describe, yet if your a women, I'd swear I'm delivering a baby.  My stomach extends as though I am eight months pregnant, I sweat from every pore, the pain is so bad I have to let out a scream every now and then.  I sit on the toilet, knees up to my face hoping it will be over soon.  I then have to lay on the bathroom floor and I feel dizzy and nausues.  When the time comes, I jump on the seat.  This continues for up to an hour.  The cramping lessens, then recycles though now it is brown watery.  Two or so hours later its done until another couple of months and I repeat it all over again.  Last Night the above routine started, yet, now with the cramping, I am only passing dark, mucus blood clots.  I feel weak and drained, which is "normal" after these nights, yet I also feel discomfort in my lower right side.  The time between cramping is widening, yet when I feel I need to go again, it is blood clots only.  My temp is 96.4.  I always run low, normally 97.4.  Please advice me as I do not want to continue this patteren.
Thank you
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The combination of not able to pass stool interspersed with watery stool is suspicious for irritable bowel disease.  

However, before settling on that diagnosis, you may want a more comprehensive evaluation of the colon.

A colonoscopy is a good idea to ensure there isn't polyp, mass or inflammation leading to your symptoms.  I would also consider an abdominal CT scan.  Stool tests looking for culture can be done as well.

If negative, then treatment for irritable bowel syndrome can be considered.  This can be done with Zelnorm (which is helpful in constipation-predominant cases) or with anti-spasmodic agents.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician or gastroenterologist.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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What about the blood clots from the colon?  This was my main question, should I be scared?  I am still passing blood.  I have had 3 colonoscopy in the past and they found polyps.  After biopsy, they said it was all okay.  This was several years ago.  Please advice to the blood!

Thank you so very much
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It sounds like you could have hemmoroids. Have you been checked for this? I would start with your diet.
I recently bought a juicer and started juicing cabbage, beets, radishes, cucumbers, apples, carrots, and BOY do they work like a miracle drug! I am serious! A lot of our digestive problems are simply resulting from a BAD diet. Our bodies are meant to eat foods that alive. We probably consume about 80%-95% of DEAD FOODS. Dead food are simply "cooked foods". Once foods have been cooked, many important enzymes are destroyed. We need those enzymes to help digest the food and process it properly. Well, I could go all day on thie, just start researching the benefits of juicing. I challenge you to try this for at least a month and see what happens.
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sick again,
You need to go to a gastroenterologist as soon as possible. If this rectal bleeding continues go in on emergency. I had a polyp hemmhorage & this can be very dangerous. I know how scarey it is. I can't be,eive if you had polyps found on your past colonoscopys that they aren't following up on them every so many years. They are nothing to fool around with because they can become cancerous. Go & get evaluated as soon as possible.
That being said, I also had another thought in reading your post.
Have you ever had kidney stones? The pain you are discribing sounds excruating & for some reason it made me think of kidney stones also.
Given you pst bowel history, you definetely need to have that evaluated further. If it is negative consider the other. Probably the best way to get evaluated is to go to an ER the next time this pain & bleeding occurs if you haven't already done so. It's nothing to fool with.... Let us know how you are doing, ok.               Good Luck, Jean
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I totally am having the same exact experience as you.  I am a 32 year old woman.  I go back and forth whether or not I should go to the ER.  I am definitely going to get a second opinion because when I had my colonoscopy two years ago - the Dr. did say I had internal hemorrhoids - no big deal - have a nice day basically.  But since then, over the past two years - I feel things have gotten much worse.  I have dark blood clots everyday - I don't even have much stool lately - it is all blood.  Over the past few weeks - I have been severely constipated and bloated.  No major stool to even cause the blood...just mucous, blood and occasionally loose stool.  I go back and forth all of the time of what I should do.  I have been ignoring it because this is normal for me.  But sometimes it completely freaks me out and I think - this is NOT normal.  I hope you get better and get things figured out.  My Best!
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Passing blood like that is not normal & needs to be investigated. For your sake get an exam & a colonoscopy. The Dr. that did the last one should have followed up on you, even if it was just hemrhoids. Try a different physican...Colon cancer kills unless it's caught early. Don't take a chance.
                         God Bless, J
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