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IBS, Diverticulosis and PMS

  I have been told I have IBS and diverticulosis.  I have noticed that during a week or two before my period begins, I have severe constipation.  Sometimes I have rectal bleeding with it.  I get lower abdominal pain with it too.  I have tried natural laxatives (such as Citrocel) with no relief.  Relief comes when my period begins, and then my bowels are back to normal.  I have asked my doctor about it and he doesn't seem to believe me.   He says it is just coincidental.  How can every month be a coincidence?  Does the digestive sytem tie in with the reproductive system somehow?
Dear Kris,
There is a relationship between gastrointestinal function, specifically motility, and time in the menstrual cycle.  Estrogens have been shown to alter gastrointestinal smooth muscle function, although there is no conclusive evidence that clinical symptoms can result.  
You write that you have rectal bleeding.  This is an unusal symptom if all you have is IBS.  Your bleeding may represent hemarrhoids or fisssures related to changes in bowel function as a result of the IBS.  you should ask your physician whether he thinks further investigation of the bleeding is warranted.
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