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Is Colon Cancer possible after a clear colonoscopy 4 years ago?

I have been having upper right quadrant abdominal discomfort for about six months now. I sometimes get slight nausea in the morning.
I have been seeing my doctor about it and he has run comprehensive blood tests, all normal, sent me for an abdominal ultrasound, came back "unremarkable" with small fatty deposits on the liver and small gall bladder polyps.
He also sent me for a hepatobiliary scan that showed my gall bladder to be "somewhat slow" in emptying out.
He then sent me to a gastro that is going to do both a colonoscopy and an endoscopy in two days.
I had a colonoscopy 4 years ago at 50 years old and it was totally clear, no problems.
I don't smoke or drink. I exercise regularly and eat pretty healthy, lots of fiber, although not many green vegetables because I have never liked them. Lots of fruit and grains though.
Is it possible to develop colon cancer that would be causing abdominal pain in the four years after a clear colonoscopy?
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Yes, it is possible to have colon cancer within that short time period - but it is unlikely.

Imaging studies would probably be more yield to evaluate the RUQ pain - colon cancer typically doesn't cause pain there.  I agree with the ultrasound and the upcoming hepatobiliary scan.

An upper endoscopy can be considered if the symptoms continue.

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Kevin, M.D.
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