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Is there anything wrong with me?

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please help me as I am too afraid to talk about this problem with anyone else.

I need to know if there is anything wrong with me and if I need to go to the doctor.

Today I had diahorrea, I decided to eat burnt toast (my dad says that helps ease the stomach) and I also took 2 panadeine tablets after the toast. Within 2 minutes later, I experienced a see-through like discharge with blood spots on it coming out from my rear. I had no control whatsoever over it, it just rushed out!

Its been an hour or so since and my stomach feels a tad bit weak but no more blood, thank god!

Is there something wrong with me, Please let me know of your advice.

Thanking You,

Deeva Johnson
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Blood in ANY stool is a concern.  Whether it's from hemorrhoids or what-ever, get it checked out by a physician.  Might be nothing but irritation from severe Gastritis, but you never know.  Don't mess around with your health!
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