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Is this bad? Or is my Dr. right ?

Hey, this all started about a month ago, i ate at a local resturant and ever since my stomach has been not right. The first week i didnt think much of it, i had very much gas, bloating, and diarrhea. After the first week the diarrhea went away and i mainly still had gas and bloating, however my bowel movements are weird looking, the seem like they are not compressed or formed well and usually in 2 or 3 peices ( i cant think of how to decscribe them really, they look somewhat like rotten wood, they are a cylindrical shape i suppose but very rough looking.). The third week everything seemed to turn more into pain, mainly on my left side below the rib cage, went to teh dr. thought it could be some type of stomach virus. The last week i was on a cruise, and the pain had greatly increased, pain was on both sides and middle of abdomen. At times when i pushed on my abdomen it was very tender, at other times it is not.  My appetite is somewhat wierd, i still want to eat but the pain sometimes makes it not possible, and especially after meals it is worse. Around night is seems worse. The pain is constant by the way, and  almost feels as if something is trying to escape my abdomen but can't. The last couple of days pain has subsided, but i dont think i have been eating quite as much either. I went back to the Dr. he thought it could be constipation,and that i was backed up, so he prescribed Amitiza, i have been taking it about 3 days, this morning my bowel movement was a greenish color, which i read means your stool is traveling too fast, so it doesnt seem right i could be backed up??? Stomach/bowels make a lot of gurgling sounds and pain still moves back and forth from mid to left and right, the last day i had some groin pain also on the right side above my penis (could be totally unrelated), my urine seems fine, i noticed one day it was darker yellow upon waking up. My mom died of cancer and i have had some other relatives die as well, so this is my biggest fear, even though no one else shares it with me. I am a 21 yr old male, otherwise in good health, i work out regularly and my blood pressure always seems to be in check. At the moment i am in the process of acquiring insurance, so i am really scared and confused. I am not passing any blood that i can tell, stool is always brown, i am not vommitting either. Sometimes it seems like i get a wierd taste in my mouth, but since i am very stressed everything seems to bother me more.
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If there is a change in bowel habits as well as in stool shape or caliber, you may want to consider a colonoscopy to exclude any polyps or cancer.

The stomach and upper GI tract can be evaluated with an upper endoscopy or upper GI series.

I would also obtain stool samples to culture and evaluate for malabsorption syndromes.  

If negative, treatment for irritable bowel syndrome can be optimized - either with medications like Zelnorm, or with antispasmodic agents.

These options can be discussed with your personal physician.

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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Sounds like whatever you ate back then may still be in your intestines causing a slight blockage.

Might want to talk to your PCP about getting an abdominal CAT scan and maybe start taking fiber supplements.
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could be food poisoning,see your family doctor or GP,he would know what to do.
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Hi, you don't mention if you still have your appendix - you could be suffering appendicitis.  I walked 2 months in similar symptoms you mention before they realised I had a burst appendix and went through absolute hell thereafter.
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Your bm's sound familiar to me... Kinda like someone used a fork or something? I Have the same kind of bowels. You don't mention frequency tho. How many bowel movements do you have pr. day?

The pain you are describing is found in IBD, but it could be other things as well.

I think your green stools are a result of the meds your doctor has you on, even tho green stools can also be a symptom of infection it is usually not.

I would have a urin test to make sure that you dont have a UTI. Sometimes UTI's and bowel problems can be related. Normal bacteria found in the bowels can sometimes even be the cause of a UTI.

You are very young, and even tho the chance of having cancer is there, it is slim. I would advise you to have a colonscopy. It sounds like you might have some kind of inflamation going on. I would also have blood tests done to check that out as well. Sed rate, Complete blood count and so on.

If you do have some kind of IBD it sounds very mild so far, it is important to get treatment as fast as possilbe, so that you can prevent any serious damage to your intestines.

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Went for a DOT physical today, since i am trying to get my cdl license, and there was a large amount of blood in my urine, not visible  by eye but microsope. Also 30+ protein. I still passed, but was told this was not good....
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Boy, my heart really goes out to Carnivalboy. My husband is only 32 years old and has gone through hell with his health issue. I've read a lot of postings on the website, yours caught my attention. I've been trying to find ways to cure my husband's symptoms in years. Today's society sucks, doctors don't want to spend time with you, they don't listen, and they simply don't challenge themself enough to want to help you. But they sure quick in collecting their money.

My husband was the healthiest man, up until 6 years ago, when it all went downhill. We rented and lived in a small apartment that had a lot of deadly molds on the wall. We've been exposed to molds for about 2 years. We later found out that he had allergic reactions to mold. It all started from there. Nothing happen to me, cuz I don't have allergic reactions like he does. The molds, obviously had weakened his immune system, he started getting fevers, ear infections, light headed, etc. We went to a Thai restaurant called "Thai Promise" in Mission Viejo, CA had he started coming home vomiting, diarrea, and fevering. He felt like he was gonna die. I thought that maybe he was food poisoned. Months   later, we went back to that restaurant. The same thing happened to him. Funny thing is, we ate the same food but I was ok.

We owned and was operating a very stressful food business for 6 years, working 12/7. Every doctor we went to would just rule out stress / anxiety and send us home. My husband was never the same ever since. He has this chest tightness, shortness of breath, and a discomforting churning growling (you name it) under his left rib cage. We've done colonoscopy came out normal, numorous blood works, chest xrays, ekg, gallstone ultrasound, recently endoscopy with biopsy ruled out that he has inflammation and erosion in his esophogus. Was put on Nexium with no improvement and left dangling again. We've tried practically anything, anyone would recommend us. There are times when he has this sharp pain just a little below his left hip bone. A pain which concerns him that we went to do ultrasound for stones, came negative. He does realize that he feels better on certain days, and that certain food does make him feel crappy. It's very discomforting for him and I hate seeing him go through that. His 2 year older brother died of Leukemia less than 6 months ago after battling 4 years.

We visited the Asian country 6 months ago and he came back with diarrea. I did too, but it went away in about a week. His diarrea has been on for 6 months. He was put on strong antibiotics and immodium with not much luck. After each of his diarrea, he gets this growling churning discomfort in his stomach. People look at my husband and no one has a clue that he has all these symptoms.

My husband is the sweetest man in the world, why is he being punished with all these illnesses? We've spent over 40k in medical bills already (that is with insurance coverage)with no solution. It's funny how different docs tells you different things just to get you out of their office. Doctors told my husband that he's got pluracy, muscle spasm, anxiety attack, GERD, gastritis, ulcer, IBS, asthma.

After visiting this website, I realized that my husband isn't alone. There seems to be no answer as of it yet. But if there is ever that someone has the answer to all this, please advise. I appreciate any input. Thank you.
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My heart goes out to you and your husband.  As I myself can sympathise with his on-going agonies and especially those brought on by the 'unknown' zone - there is, however 1 blood test that he can go for - not very common but seeming as though he has been through the mill, what's another test - a test for porphyria. This disorder can mimic many gastroenterological symptoms, and is easily overlooked by the medical profession, yet is easy to maintain, if diagnosed. Good luck!
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Thank you for your sympathy and advise. I will request for this test on his next blood work.
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I am so glad to have found this page!!! Thank you all for your desire to help by sharing.
I am a 34yr old female. I have a relatively healthy life style No drink no smoke. My bad habit was eating late and waking up sick.
I have had bldwk/ultrasound/xrays/meds meds meds.
I wake up nauses everymorning! I nibble on a bannana and try to drink 3oz of yogurt Dannon Immunity, and the Dannon Activa w/ active cultures specifically for the digestive tract. My stools are not well formed and sometimes violent diaharrea with lots of gas during the BM.
I sometimes have urq pressure but nothing "painful" just pressure. I often have an empty feeling in my stomach. I try to relieve that with food. That does not always work.
My biggest complaint is the nausea!!! After reading this I am interested in having a test for parasites. I  requested to have eliminated the prospect of ulcers that are caused by bacteria. However all three of the Dr.'s did not seem interested in going that route. Are there some drawbacks to the treatment or something?
My instinct tells me it is all related to our diet! I am interested in knowing if anyone has had any luck with a nutritionist or a Homepathic Dr.
I personally have a friend "47yrs old" with Chrons disease and has not had any flare ups in 10yrs since he went homeopathic. He has regular super Vitamin shots from a Homeopathic Dr once a month and has modified his diet and lives symptom free.
I am ready to embark on this line of treatment and was hoping someone else may have had some success.
I was trained in traditional western medicine but have decided to try alternatives.
I think all of us here just want a normal life agian and are very desperate.
Any advice on the homepathic side for treatment
Also one final sysmtom is actual vomiting ... if I try to force myself to eat or drink even a little in the Am hours when the nausea is present It will come back up. Any suggestions on what else to try besides the usual suspect?
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