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Is this symptoms of an ulcer?

  I recently went to my primary care Dr. with the following complaints: Heartburn, a constant ache in my stomach just below my chest in the center, a constant full feeling especially after eating even a small amount, belching alot, bloating,  tired, some chest discomfort, and more recent lightheaded.  I was given Ranitidine 150mg to take 2x a day.  That has relieved the acid in my throat but my stomach still aches.  I am scheduled for an upper GI and Gallbladder u/s on 7/31 (I couldn't get in any sooner).  Does this sound symptomatic of an ulcer?  I had a baby 10 months ago if that would mean anything.  
  Any help would be appreciated.
Dear Margie,
Your symptoms are nt classical for ulcer disease.  Patients with ulcer disease usually have intermittent pains.  Depending on the site of the ulcer pain can occue either 2-3 hours after eating ( duodenal ulcer) or with eating (channel ulcer).  I also doubt that gall bladder disease is the cause of your symptoms, even if gall stones are seen by the ultrasound.  Gastric dysmotility should also be considered among the possible explanations for your constant bloating, belching, early satiety.
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*keywords: gastric dysmotility, peptic ulcer

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