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LFT and gallstones

Posted By Wayne on November 19, 1998 at 18:57:52:

LFT on 9/15/98 showed elevated levels in several areas. My doctor
did another LFT on 11/18/98, and the levels improved, although
some are still elevated. The results follow:
                      9/15    11/18
Total bilirubin       2.0     2.2
SGOT (AST)            47      36   (now in "normal" range)
SGPT (ALT)            142     74
GGT                   333     191
Cholesterol           292     231
I have been reducing my fat/cholesterol intake for the last week.
My doctor now has me scheduled for an ultrasound next week because
he thinks the bilirubin level may indicate gallstones.
My question is what significance, if any, does the increase in
bilirubin level, and decrease in the other levels have? If I
continue to eat low fat/cholesterol, should I expect to see
additional improvements? The original LFT was done for a life
insurance policy. I am entirely asymptomatic. Additional info is
contained in a post (and followup) I did on 11/16/98, if that
helps any.
Thanks for your help.

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