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LUMP left of Belly Button?

Wondering if someone knows what this is...When i lie down on my back and rub my hand over my stomach region I come across a sort of lump or ball type thing to the left/upper of my belly button...I would say it feels around an inch or more...There is nothing on the other side...Now mind you I am very skinny so I was just wondering if I am actually feeling some type of organ or something since I am so skinny and dont have any fat to sort through?  Could this be my bowel or is that too low for that? Any suggestions MUCH appreciated...Thanks

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It may be an umbilical hernia.  I would make an appointment with my physician to see what it may be.  Until then, unless it hurts, I would not worry about it.  Take care and let us know what it is when you find out.
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Thanks for the response...This does not feel anything like a hernia...There is definitely no pain involved in it...It's a little further away from the navel then maybe I mentioned I guess...Who knows, i certainly dont
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I have exactly the same thing except that it is in the right side of belly button.  My family doctor said it is part of my bowel (and I am skinny too).  I also have no pain, I can feel it when I am standing or sitting but not when I lay down. I will have an abdominal ultrasound in 2 weeks.

I suggest you to see your doctor and perhaps arrange for a x-ray or ultrasound.  It may be nothing but it is better to be safe.

I am not sure if it is umbilical hernia either because my lump moves from the center to the side when I bend or sit, and I think a hernia is caused by weakness in a certain area of abdominal muscle.

Good luck and I will be interested in knowing what your doctor says about your lump.
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Is it possible to feel ones bowel?  If so where would you be able to feel it, if you were skinny enough?  Ya know I have not had several bowel movements lately and it seems like when I do they are quite firm...Could I actually be feeling the stools themselves?
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I don't know.  I am puzzled myself when my family doctor said it is part of my bowel.  I did not notice it until 2 months ago and I wonder why I only feel part (1.5" x 1") of the bowel and not the other parts.  I have BM every day and I don't think it is the stool that I feel.  In addition, the location of the lump (1" from belly button at about the same level or slightly above) suggests that it is the small intestine in which the waste is still in liquid form.

Anyway, your doctor should be able to tell you more and explain it better. Do ask for an ultrasound as it can also be a tumor or something that requires treatment.
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