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Liver Cysts and Elevated liver Enzymes--Need Help

Hi- I have been reading this forum since I discovered it about 2 months ago.
I have elevated enzymes. ALT, AST GGT ,LDH. I have had the LFT 3 times since May of this yr.
Discovered through ultrasound and CAT scan that I have 20 fluid filled cysts on my liver. Has anyone heard of this? I cannot find anyone who has had this problem. I am very concerned, because the dr. wants a liver biopsy done by a radiologist, as an out patient. He said it was a puzzle to him to see so many cysts on the liver. Usually they are in the spleen and kidneys also.
My concern is that with the fluid filled cysts,(incidentally I dont know what the fluid is of course)I could have more complications during a biopsy.
My side hurts and I can feel the one cyst, which is 4 and 1/2 inches in my right liver lobe.
I took milk thistle for two months and it did not help with my enzyme levels at all.
I live in a small town and now I have to try to deal with seeing if I can get a referral to a larger city , where maybe they have more knowledge about this unusal problem with my liver. I dont want to wait too long because I do have inflammation in the liver , which is caused from some sort of hepatitis., I guess.  I am not supposed to have Hepatitis A,B, or C. I did have hepatis A at one time ,he said, but he said it was not active now.
If anyone knows anything and could help me, I would sure appreciate it. I have been all over the internet looking for information on these cysts. Polycystic liver disease is all I can find.It says liver enzymes should not be elevated with this.
Thanks so much
Lyn in Ark
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I have had liver cyst and fatty liver diagnosis for approx. five years now. Hep A, B, and C negative. Cyst identified by ultrasound and CT scan. LFT's remain slightly raised. Cysts are usually hydatid (ie. infected liquid) caused by parasitic infection or non-hdatid (i.e. simple cyst). As I understand it (from medical text books and my own research) multiple cysts on liver are usually simple in nature (ie. non-hydatid) - although I've never heard of as many as in your case.

According to a Gastroenterologist I saw in UK (as its where I live) it is uncommon for simple cysts to be drained or any surgery to take place as the sac of the cyst would then re-fill with fluid and you would be back to square one. In the case of hydatid cysts the usual treatment = antibiotics and draining if necessary (although draining as with any surgical procedure on the liver is potentially risky in itself).

According to everything I have read the claim is that liver cysts are benign in terms of other symptoms and are often congenital (as is supposedly the case with me, or so I'm told ...). I am not sure that it is actually the case that the cyst I have (and fatty liver) is actually benign in terms of other symptoms - I have felt tired (with associated poor sleep pattern) and fatigued +++ on a daily basis for 5 + years. Most Doctors seem to feel that this is not a complication and point towards other factors such as stress etc. I'm a Registered Mental Health Nurse and Counsellor - I manage stress well - my symptoms aren't stress related. It could be though that some of these symptoms are related to stomach problems (gastric reflux and IBS).

I've tried various herbal remedies (inc. milk thistle etc.) both over counter and prescribed by a herbalist, applied kinaesiology, homeopathy, reflexolgy, shiatsu, and chiropractic. None of these have made any difference at all. I did though gain some benefit from acupuncture and medication for gastric reflux did also help my symptoms.

Obviously, I am aware that your situation with having multiple cysts is somewhat different to mine although I am sure that you may recognise some similarities. I guess what may have worked (or more to the point not have worked) will no doubt be different to your experience and other peoples. I hope that the above is useful. Also if you or anybody else has any suggestions which may benefit myself I would be really pleased to hear them.

Take care

Andy C (Exeter, UK)
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Thanks ,so much Andy for your input. I have not heard from anyone who has had liver cysts.. Is your cyst a large one?
Basically what you have told me is what I read on the internet. There is really not much information.
Also, do you know if there can be any connection with my liver enzymes being so elevated and the cysts?
I think this gastro dr. is leaning more toward Autoimmune liver disease , in my case. He doesnt really know.
I have been so worried about this I cannot sleep at night. I hope I can get myself together soon. LOL
Again thanks for your reply and please keep me posted, if you have anything new and I will do the same.
Enjoy your weekend.
Linda in Ark
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Andy , again thanks for the post.. I will keep in touch with you. You have given me some things to think about.
You keep in touch also. Okay?
Take care and be as well as you can :-)
Lyn in Arkansas
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Hello again lyn

if you want to e-mail me direct my address is ***@****

Take care

Andy C
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Hi Lyn

Pleased that my response made sense. Estimates of the size of my cyst range from almost VHS tape size (ultrasound) to golf ball size (CAT scan) - I don't know if its size remains constant or if it fluctuates. I'm not sure if my raised LFT levels are due to the cyst in itself or from fatty liver - whichever it is they have remained constsnt for the last 4 or so years. I'm no scientist (thank God!) but it would seem to be to make sense that a cyst could cause raised enzyme levels in itself - if part of liver is covered by a foreign object then its logical to presume that it may not work properly.

I know nothing of autoimmune liver disease and how this can be related to cysts - I would be grateful if you had any info.

Re not sleeping at night - I can really empathise with that - I was really worried prior to Hep C results. I wonder whether it might be worth asking for a referral to see a counsellor / therapist who could provide appropriate support on a one - to - one basis, or whether there are any support groups in your area? I know that the British liver trust has support groups in the UK however that may be a bit too far to commute on a regular basis for a 1 to 2 hour group!!!

Intersetingly I've not had any contact with (nor heard of anybody else) with liver cysts - all of my information has come from textbooks and personal experience - its really good to share information with somebody else.

Take care & look after yourself

Andy C (Exeter UK)
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Could use some encouragement.  Yesterday I had an ultrasound done for possible gallbladder problems.  Ended up gallbladder scan showed abnormal and nodules on the liver.  Am waiting to go in for a CT Scan.  Any encouragement?  I have been doing tons of research on the net and what I am finding is really scaring me.
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Hello all, This is my first time at this site as I was looking for help myself: short version:  I have EMS (eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome since 1989 and am now 51 yrs old.  Over 2000 persons are registered with CDC with this disease caused by contaminated amino acid pills (L-tryptophan).  About 80 deaths thus far from this epidemic out of the 2000 registered (some were suicides as they couldn't stand the severe pain.  Anyway after 9 trips to Mayo Clinic in Rochester . . I found there is no cure for this autoimmune disease.  After many drug trials, and huge weight gain, I've decided from travels around world and seeking out non-traditional type medicines to try a complete body cleansing process.  So far past half-way point of 21 day parasite cleansing.  Was told must be done in order....Next, kidney cleanse, then LIVER CLEANSE and that's what has me a little concerned and wondering if others have successfully done this.  in the book A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES, by Clark it states to:
drink epson salt water, then drink pure olive oil mixed with
fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, lay down and sleep about 6 hours and then the next day expect to EXPEL STONES, cysts, whatever you want to call then from your liver and it states you may repeat this process every two weeks until all of the "stones" have been
expelled (up to as many as 2000!) This book states that there are
dead parasites in the center of each of these stones that are really nothing more than crystalized calcium deposits formed around the parasites.  My only fear is that there will be pain expelling them, but my chiropractor even mentioned to me last week that he and others he has known have done so without pain.  My question to anyone out there is, do you think I should try this?  I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired I'm about ready to try anything that could aide my autoimmune system.  One of the owner's at the health food store actually showed me the stone that came from her son doing this liver cleansing and she said he was back to feeling great in just one day.  She said she had to carry him from the hospital bed, home to do this cleansing, as the hospital could find NO GALLSTONES . . She told me that's because, they were in his liver, not his gallbladder!
If this works for me, it may work for many others . .  If anyone out there has already had this experience, please e-mail me and tell me about it!  ***@****.  P.S.  I'm no medical professional, just someone whose lots of variable research since my initial onset of EMS in 1989.  Thank you.
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