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Liver Disease and relevant treatment

I am a 45 year old overweight woman with hypo thyroidism (diagnosed 11 years ago), asthma (diagnosed 20 years ago), and have had a spleenectomy (30 years ago).  A year ago I was diagnosed with hypertension and prescribed blood pressure medication and while my blood sugars were on the high side, I did not have diabetes.  Recently, I had my gall bladder removed and the surgeon indicated he saw severe cirrosis of the liver and took 5 samples of for pathological testing.  The report stated that the samples were benign so my family physician felt perhaps the surgeon saw more of a fatty liver.  However, since then I have had increasing ascites in the abdominal area and my liver enzymes are still on the rise while my protein levels are low (although I am a vegetarian) and my iron levels are low.  I have been tested for hepatits and all have come back negative.  If I had severe cirrosis of the liver, would this not have been revealed through the biopsies?  Is there something I can do to relieve the ascites?  What course of action should I take next?

Thank you so much for your help.

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Hi Deborah
Ascites can be somewhat controlled by avoiding salt (sodium), and taking diuretics (water pills).
You can learn more about Cirrhosis at


Have you been to a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist?
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Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions and words of encouragement.  I am awaiting an appointment with a liver specialist but may not be able to get in for some time (Ontario Health System = delays due to cutbacks).  I really want to get rid of the ascites as it makes sleeping difficult and is very uncomfortable, so that information is most helpful.  Thanks again.
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Deborah, we've just started a liver failure support group at


It is brand new. It is through Delphi. Delphi allows it's members to remain somewhat anonymous (if they wish) by creating nicknames. It's totally free.

Feel free to visit if you'd like! It's for people dealing with Cirrhosis, ascites, etc.....any kind of liver troubles. Please feel free to participate!

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I have a problem with my liver in that it is small and irregular shaped, as incidated on a CT scan and ultra sound.  My hepotologist has suggested that I may require a TIPS (shunt) or a transplant.  I have no siblings so I cannot have a partial transplant and my mother is over the maximum age requirement of 55 years.  My eldest daughter is 16 and is trying to convince me to consider allowing her to donate part of her liver but I feel she is too young.  I was wondering if there are any online forums or places I could research transplant information or information on the shunt suggestion.  Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
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