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Liver and Alcohol Intake

Posted By JBK on January 14, 1999 at 09:45:57:

On a life insurance test, I encountered high SGOT (52) and SGPT (99) numbers. On re-test, several months later, the SGOT
went down to 41 and SGPT to 81. Just prior to each blood test on a Monday or Tuesday, I had coincidentally had very rich
meals and several glasses or wine and cognac after dinner the prior weekend. From reading this forum and other sources, I
have no other symptoms of any kind. I will, of course, retest after totally abstaining from any alcohol. Just to assuage some
fears prior to my scheduled MD visit, however, my question(s) are:
(1) Could a three day earlier spike in alcohol consumption generate higher numbers alone?
(2) Assuming the numbers are indicative of alcohol-related liver damage (I otherwise consume 1-3 servings of alcohol 4-5 days
per week), and assuming for this question that there is in fact liver damage, can the liver damage naturally "heal" and if so, what
can I do to help it.
(3) Assuming the liver "heals" through a combination of care which includes total abstinence from any alcohol, is ther some point
in time that I might resume drinking even one glass of wine with a meal?
(4) In light of the news coverage that alcohol -- in some moderation appears "good" for some parts of the body, what type(s)
of alcohol are acceptable and what amounts are considered "moderation" so as not to cause liver damage which might be
manifested in higher AST numbers?
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