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Liver function tests/blood counts

Subject: Liver function tests/blood counts

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My 16 yr old son recently had a severe viral infection.  He ran a fever for four days and developed a rash on his stomach and back.  I took him to the doctor who ran blood tests (day 4 of infection).  His non-normal blood counts came back as follows:  WBC 2.4/PLATELETS 77/NEUTROPHILS 36/LYMPHOCYTES 60/SGOT 51/SGPT 57/IRON 22/CHOLESTEROL 71/GLUCOSE 152/URIC ACID 3.1.  The lab alerted the WBC only.  Our urgent care doctor ran tests for all the hepatitis viruses, mono, strep, Epstein-Barr-all came back negative.  Our urgent care doctor is specialized in Internal Medicine.  With a follow up to our General Practioner, he said he wouldn't have run the tests on the liver because the viral infection more than likely caused the SGOT/SGPT to be off. I insisted that the labs be re-done with the exception of the hepatitis, Epstein-Barr as I was concerned about the liver.  Am I over-reacting?  Can a virus effect the SGOT AND SGPT in this way?  We have been waiting for 5 days for the last results and since we haven't heard-I'm assuming all has returned to normal.  We have a follow up with General Practioner in a week.  I have been worried sick as the past 3 months, my 16 yr.old has been sick 3 times. Thank You. Trish

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