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Long term use of Prevacid

Posted By Rich on November 14, 1998 at 20:17:20:

I have been taking 30mg of Prevacid daily for two years for GERD. I also had been suffering with severe burning pain under my left shoulder blade. Since beginning the Prevacid, my life has changed completely. No reflux, and more importantly, no shoulder pain.  
But now, my GP does not want to allow me to continue the Prevacid stating that Prevacid COMPLETELY stops the production of stomach acid and without some acid, my body will not absorb the essential minerals it needs. He took me off Prevacid and I have been taking 300mg of Rantinidine daily. Although it helps somewhat with the reflux, the buring pain is back and my quality of life has deteriorated.
I have not lost any weight, I am very fit, alll bodily functions work as they should... I would think if I was mineral deficient, there would be physical manifestations...
Does Prevacid completely stop acid production?
Can I be tested for mineral deficiencies?
Please help, I do not want to continue with this pain..
My doctor suggested Propulsid.After doing some research on it, there is no way I would take that drug...
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